Tackle Tales


If you attended last years fishing and hunting shows you probably seen these neat lures in action in the demonstration tank. I was amazed at the action these lures created and knew that it would be hard for any fish to resist biting one. Since I don’t fish in lakes too often, I didn’t get a chance to try these lures but I have watched sales and heard many good stories about excellent results while casting and trolling them. Roger at Hub Sports in Abbotsford has told me that he has had to restock his shelves 3 times since the show and people are raving about how well they work. They are available in various styles including lures and fly’s with their patented transparent plastic lip that gives these Lures the great action. They have also come out with a Dick Nite style Lure in a pink which should be great for the Pink Salmon. They also come in silver, brass and black in the same style which could be used for Coho, Chum and Fall Chinook.