July through until late November is prime time for trophy sturgeon fishing.

Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River offers anglers a world-class experience. There are 3 areas of the Fraser that anglers should consider while planning their sturgeon fishing vacation. For the purposes of sport fishing, we divide the Fraser into Lower/Middle, Fraser Canyon and Upper Fraser Canyon. All three areas provide great opportunities but knowing “when to fish where” is the key to success. STS has been fishing these waters for over 20 years and offers anglers the opportunity to fish all of these great locations.

Lower Fraser Includes: Mission (Above & Below Train Bridge), Chilliwack, Aggasiz & Harrison River

These areas are best fished in Spring and Fall.

Spring brings the annual Eulichon migration which is a small baitfish that sturgeon love to feed on. Most sturgeon have spent the better part of the winter hibernating in deep winter holes so when the Eulichons arrive, fish are aggressive and ready to feed. If you are planning to fish between April 1 & May 31, Mission is the place to be.

Our boats are moored at Mission Marina which has the best access to this area.

9 ft 1-inch sturgeon landed this past October just a few hundred yards from our dock in Mission

Fall brings the millions of salmon migrating up the Fraser River to spawn in local tributaries. Sturgeon reply on these salmon as a major food source and must feed on them to survive the winter months, that is why the Fall is considered the best fishing on the Lower and middle Fraser area. Some of the largest Sturgeon of the year are caught and landed in the Mission area as this area is known as the feeding lane for White Sturgeon. Best time to fish in the Fall is from Sept 1 to November 15.

Sturgeon are known for Tail walking leaps and can quickly spool 200yds of line, an average fish of 4 to 6 feet will test the skill and strength of any angler. During peak periods is when our average size will increase though you can catch 8 to 10 footers anytime of the year. We offer one day to one week Guided trips and also provide a good selection of accommodation packages. If you would like more information on Sturgeon fishing please feel free to call or email us.

The Fraser Valley offers excellent sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River between Langley and Agassiz. We depart daily from Mission, Harrison Bay, Harrison Hot Springs and Chilliwack. Our team of professional sturgeon guides fish the Fraser River 12 months of the year for sturgeon. We supply a private guide and jet boat for each group and we supply all fishing tackle and all other gear needed to have a great day on the water.