Tackle Tales

SHIMANO- Calcutta

Levelwind reels are one of the most popular reel types used for salmon and steelhead fishing in British Columbia. The Shimano Calcutta in my opinion in one of the best. It’s priced in the high end of the reel market ranging from $ 270.00 to $320.00.

I have used a Calcutta 250 for many years for salmon and steelhead on our local rivers. I have also used the Calcutta 400 for bar fishing for Chinook salmon and sturgeon fishing (not recommended) on the Fraser. They are very smooth, long lasting and durable, we experienced no premature wear or breakage. I really like the Calcutta and highly recommend it for those who like high quality.

250 model has a Gear ratio of 5:01 which is fairly fast for a reel of this size, line capacity of 10/210; 14/120 is suitable for small to medium sized rivers. They come in both left and right hand models.