Sockeye Salmon by Bruce Carlson

Preparation of fish prior to baking

Marinate fillets chilled overnight in chardonnay (steel cask aged to avoid oak flavour) remove from marinade and wash in chardonnay

Preparation of seasoning for baking

2 ounces of chardonnay for every 12″ of salmon 2 dozen stems of cilantro for every pound of salmon, diced very fine 1 dozen almonds diced & crushed for every pound of salmon mix chardonnay, almonds & cilantro with half an ounce of olive oil (or melted butter as preferred)

trim 2 sheets of baking foil allowing 8″ overlap in length and wrap layout fillets (butterfly or matched) apply seasoning evenly to one fillet transfer to foil, wrap and crimp seal place in baking pot or tray place in pre-heated oven at 325.

Bake for one hour and reduce heat to 225.  Additional time may be needed depending on the girth of the fish.