Tackle Tales

PENN – GTI Series

We have used the Penn Gti series for over 5 years. The 2 applications have been for sturgeon fishing and bar fishing for Chinook. The 330 is the largest in the Gti series we tested, then the 320, 321 (left hand model) and the 310. We have never tested the 310 so we will not comment on it.

Both the 320 and 330 Gti are built with graphite frames making them light and corrosion proof. Both come with anodized aluminum spools and Penn’s oversized HT 100 multi-disc star drag system.

Penn reels have been around forever. They have proven themselves over and over again with very little change in technology. The Penn 320 & 330 are both suitable for saltwater and freshwater applications.

We originally chose the Penn 330 for our sturgeon reels because of the line capacity. We could put 220 yards of 80 lb test, which is usually enough line. Once line manufactures improved braided lines we switched to braid and Dacron lines on our sturgeon reels. Because of the thinner line diameter of Dacron or braided lines we could use smaller, lighter reels. This was the biggest attractor for me because I always try to go as light as gear as possible.

Both the Penn 320 & 330 is a durable and reliable reel. We experienced no premature wear or breakage on either reel. We really put these reels to the test. Both these reels landed hundreds if not thousands of sturgeon and even when they were is desperate need of maintenance they still continued to do the job. If your looking for an inexpensive all round reels this is a good buy. You can use either reel for Sturgeon or Halibut, bar fishing Chinook on the Fraser or Skeena or trolling for salmon on the west coast.