Fly Fishing – Fly Patterns

Swimming Marabou Damsel

Hook: 10-8 Swimming nymph Thread: 6/0 Black Tail: Olive marabou Body: Olive marabou wrapped Rib: Fine gold wireLegs: Died olive pheasant tailWingcase: Died olive pheasant tailThorax: Olive Marabou WrappedEyes: Black plasticNote: Can be tied in many shades of tan, olive, and brown

Tying Instructions:

  • Wrap thread forward to eye of hook, and tie in black plastic eyes. This is done by criss crossing back and forth over the middle of the eyes, in a figure eight motion until the eyes are locked in place.
  • Tie in marabou at hook bend for tail. Don’t trim the butts, they will be used to form body.
  • Tie in fine gold ribbing.
  • Wrap marabou forward, 3/4 the way up the hook shank, and tie off with thread, but still do not trim butts.
  • Wrap ribbing over the body and secure with thread, and trim.
  • Tie in olive pheasant with tips facing back over the body.
  • Tie in a clump of pheasant on either side for legs.
  • Make a few more wraps with marabou until you reach the eyes. By now the marabou should be getting more bushy and should create a thorax slightly thicker than the body.
  • Pull pheasant laying over body forward for wingcase. Tie in with thread, whip finish, and head cement.