Fly Fishing – Fly Patterns

Silver Admiral

Hook: 8-1/0 Thread: 6/0 Black Tail: Fl. Pink hackle fibers Body: Fl. Pink Hareline Dubbing Rib: Flat medium silver tinsel Wing: White calftail Legs: Fl. Pink hackle fibers.

Tying Instructions:

  • Next, tie in your silver ribbing.
  • Spin pink dubbing on to thread and wrap forward to just before eye of hook.
  • Select 1 pink saddle hackle, and tie it in by its tip. Make 3 or 4 wraps, pulling fibers back as you wrap. Secure with thread and trim.
  • Use a hair stacker to even up the tips of a clump of calftail fibers.
  • Remove any underfur and or any short hairs and tie in as wing. Wing should extend beyond the body.
  • Trim, whip finish, and head cement.