Fly Fishing – Fly Patterns

Peacock Caddis

Hook: Mustad 94845 sizes 14 to 8 Thread: 8/0 Black Body: Peacock herl Wing: Tan Elk hair Hackle: Brown and grizzly hackle, mixed

Tying Instructions:

  • Tie in 2 strands of peacock herl at bend of hook and wrap forward 3/4 the way up the hook shank. Secure with thread and trim.
  • Gather a clump of tan elk hair, and even up tips with a hair stacker. Tie in as wing, wing should extend the length of the body.
  • Tie in 1 brown and 1 grizzly hackle by their tips. Wrap the hackles forward to eye of hook, one at a time. Secure with thread and trim.
  • Whip finish and head cement.