Fly Fishing – Fly Patterns

Marabou Leech

Hook: TMC 300, Mustad 79580, sizes 4-8 Thread: 6/0 Black  Tail: Black and maroon marabou Body: Black chenille Wing: Black and maroon marabou with a few strands of black krystal flash.Note: Can be tied in many other colors such as solid black, maroon, olive, or brown.

Tying Instructions:

  • Wrap thread back to hook bend and tie in black marabou for tail.
  • Tie in maroon marabou over top of the black marabou.
  • Tie in black chenille, wrap thread forward, leaving enough room to tie in wing.
  • Wrap chenille forward for body, and secure with thread.
  • Tie in maroon marabou. Tips should extend back to end of tail.
  • Tie in black chenille over maroon chenille, both should be approximately the same length.
  • For added flash, you can tie in a few strands of krystal flash on either side of marabou.
  • Trim excess marabou and krystal flash, whip finish, and head cement.