Fly Fishing – Fly Patterns

Kaufman’s Stone (Black)

Hook: TMC 300, Weighted Tail: 2 Black Goose Biots Body: Black dubbing Rib: Black Swannundaze Wingcase: Three separated sections of lacquered dark turkey tail, clipped to shape.Thorax: Same as bodyHead: Same as bodyAntennae: Two black goose biots.

Tying Instructions:

  • Cross 2 black goose biots to form an X and tie in where the 2 biots meet.
  • Wrap thread to eye of hook and tie in 2 more goose biots by the same method. Make sure that the line will still be able to pass through the eye of the hook.
  • Wrap lead wire along shank from one end of the hook shank to the other, leaving small gaps between the eye and tail of the hook.
  • Wrap thread back and forth over lead wire until it is no longer visible. Then wind thread back to tail.
  • Tie in black swannundaze.
  • Spin black dubbing on to thread and wrap forward to half way up hook shank. Body should have a distinct taper, getting larger towards the middle of the shank.
  • Tie in a section of turkey quill, lacquer, and then trim to from a “V tip”.
  • Wrap dubbing over base of turkey and tie in another turkey quill as in step 7.
  • Once again make 2 or 3 wraps of dubbing along base of turkey quill and tie in another turkey quill and trim.
  • Spin more black dubbing on to thread and make several wraps to form a head.
  • Whip finish and head cement.