Fly Fishing – Fly Patterns

Hares Ear Nymph

Hook: 16-10 Nymph Thread: Tan 8/0 Tail: Hare’s mask guard hairs, or brown hackle fibers Rib: Fine oval gold tinsel Body: Hare’s mask dubbing, thorax thicker than abdomen. Wingcase: Mottled turkey or Pheasant Tail

Tying Instructions:

  • Tie in 10 to 15 hare’s mask fibers at the bend of hook for the tail and trim off excess butts.
  • Next, tie in oval gold tinsel.
  • Apply hare’s mask dubbing on to thread, by spinning it between your forefinger and thumb.
  • Wind the dubbed thread forward, just past the middle of the shank of the hook.
  • Next, wrap the oval wire ribbing over the dubbed body.
  • Tie in Turkey quill with tip facing the hook bend. Make sure to put the shiny side of the quill facing up.
  • Dub hare’s mask dubbing on to your thread (thicker than the abdomen) and wrap it on to hook. Leave a small space between dubbing and the eye of your hook, to tie in your wingcase.
  • Pull Turkey quill forward, over the hare’s mask dubbing and secure with thread.
  • Trim turkey quill, and whip finish.
  • Using a bodkin, pull out some of the dubbing, under the wingcase for legs.