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Epoxy Minnow

Hook: 12-8 Mustad 9672 Thread: 6/0 Olive or White Tag: Olive mallard w/ pearl krystal flashBody: Flat silver mylar wrapBack: Olive mallardEye: 1.5 mm stick on eyesNote: Cote 5 min Devcon Epoxy over body, back, and eyes.

Tying Instructions:

  • Tie in mallard at bend of hook for tail. Do not trim butts, they will be used for the back.
  • Tie in 2 or 3 strands of pearl krystal flash out back as well.
  • Tie in flat mylar and wrap back and forth over body till entire hook shank is covered, then secure with thread at the eye of the hook.
  • Pull mylar forward over the tinsel and secure with thread at eye of hook.
  • Trim and whip finish.
  • Stick on the eyes on either side near the eye of the hook.
  • Mix a small amount of devcon epoxy with a toothpick and then apply it on the top of the fly over the shellback and the eyes. Don’t worry about covering the bottom because the epoxy will run down over the bottom of the fly. Once you have applied enough epoxy, rotate the fly slowly for about 5 minutes until epoxy begins to harden. Then store in a place where it wont rub up against anything for about 30 minutes, or until epoxy hardens.

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