Fly Fishing – Fly Patterns

Crystal Dragon

Hook: 8-4 Mustad 9672 Thread: 6/0 Black Body: Olive crystal chenilleLegs: Olive pheasant rump Wingcase: Peacock eye Thorax: High quality peacock herlEyes: Medium black or green plastic

Tying Instructions:

  • Wrap thread forward to just before eye of hook, and secure plastic eyes to hook shank by making several figure eights back and forth over the eyes with the tying thread.
  • Tie in crystal chenille at bend of hook.
  • Wrap crystal chenille about 3/4 the way up the hook shank (leaving enough room for wingcase).
  • Tie in several peacock eye fibers with tips extending back over body.
  • Tie in several pheasant rump fibers out either side for legs. Legs should extend almost to the end of the body.
  • Tie in 3 strands of good quality peacock herl and wrap forward up to the plastic eyes.
  • Pull peacock eye fibers forward, over peacock herl thorax and plastic eyes, and secure in place with thread.
  • Trim, whip finish, and head cement.