Tackle Tales

Field Test Report

This past spring, we started receiving our new rods and reels from Pure Fishing. Brands such as Berkley, Fenwick, Abu Garcia, Pflueger, & Penn. Fishing lines include Berkley Big Game, Berkley Trilene, Fireline and Spider Wire. We carefully selected rods, reels and lines suitable for fishing the Fraser River and tributaries but most of this equipment would also be suitable for most rivers or lakes with in the Province. As we begin using this gear, we will post reports on fishability and how the tackle is holding up.

Fly Fishing Rods – Fenwick World Class Series.

The past two weeks we have been fishing for Bull Trout using the Fenwick World Class Fly Rods. We chose the 8 weight series do to the large streamers we cast. You could probably use a 7 weight but casting large streamers is much nicer with a 8 weight. We also like the fact that the 8 weight in the World Class or HMX series can handle Steelhead and small to medium salmon like Pinks, Coho or Chum. One rod works very nicely for a large variety of species and conditions.

Fenwick WCF908-2 9′ #8 – The world class high modular graphite is slightly faster than the HMX making this rod great for casting large flys and long distances. An excellent choice for both medium and long range work due to the ease of loading. We spent 3 days fly fishing with a group from the middle east. This was their first time ever fly fishing, after 4 hours of fly casting lessons we hit the water. One true test of castibility is to have beginners cast 2 inch weighted streamer patterns in a fast flowing river. Well these guys made it look easy casting 35 to 40 ft of line with no effort.

The World Class Series is slightly higher modular graphite than the HMX, slightly faster, great for those casters who like to cast to the backing with strong double hauls. The HMX might be a bit easier to fish with in the short to medium range casts but if your looking for distance, World Class Series will do the job.

Fly Reels – Pflueger President 2090

The grin on my face is from ear to ear, Wow , what a reel. The pflueger president series is top notch, comes in large arbor spool design, forged, machine and anodized frame and spool. It features a oversized ball bearing and one way clutch bearing with the center-disc drag system that is as smooth as they get. You can switch form left or right hand, which I haven’t figured out how to do yet, and a beautiful rosewood knob.

I selected the Pflueger 2090 to match the Fenwick World Class #8 which might be a bit large, you could probably go to the 2078 but I like 200 yards of backing since these rods and reels will be used for large trout and steelhead and salmon. Nothing worse than watching a $150 fly line disappear off the reel and wonder if you have enough backing.

In the past two weeks we have landed over 90 fish and have put a substantial number of hours on these reels. So far so good but the reel test will be in the Fall when we put those hard fighting Chum Salmon to the test. I have no doubt these reels will stand up without any issues.

Fly Line – Scientific Anglers Mastery Series
Quad Tip Interchangeable tip fly line

If any of you have seen my seminars at the Fraser Valley Boat and Sportsman Show, you would know that I don’t use anything but Interchangeable tips for river fly fishing. Reason, well it’s easy to change to lighter or heavier line weights, takes up very little room in my vest and they cast as nice as a full sink tip or floating line.

Interchangeable tips like the Mastery Quad tip have revolutionized fly fishing like no other product on the market. We use to spend $100’s of dollars on fly lines and spare spools where now we can buy one reel and one fly line for a multitude of fishing situations.

The entire coastal region offers the fly angler some incredible fly fishing opportunities for trout, steelhead and salmon with a wide range of challenges. Interchangeable tip fly lines have for the most part, addressed these challenges.