Tackle Tales
I have fished with the HMXT 90M-2 9 foot 8-15 lb test for salmon and trout for over 2 seasons now. I combined a smaller diameter levelwind reel (Quantum EX 501C) for casting small to medium sized lures for Coho, Pink salmon, Dolly Varden and larger trout.
This rod has been put through the test. We have landed hundreds of salmon with no premature or unexplained breakage. I really like the action for casting Croc’s, Kit-A-Matts, Ironheads and other popular salmon lures.
I see some breakdown in the appoxy on the guides but you have to keep in mind the amount of use this rod has seen. The HMXT has withstood the rigors of being used as on of my everyday rods which says a lot for the quality and workmanship.
The Fenwick HMX series uses a fast taper, this allows for faster actions with no weight increase. Cross-scrim adds strength and balance to the butt section, making the HMX series ideal for situations where quick reflex hooksets and light weight are especially important.