Berkley Trilene has added yet another line to it’s vast array of fishing lines. Sensithin is a low stretch highly sensitive mono line. When testing fishing lines, I find that bottom bouncing will quickly tell me how much sensitivity and stretch a line has. Now a day’s with so many different lines available, it get a bit confusing trying to pick a suitable line for fishing multi species. It’ been well proven that for our method of river fishing that a low stretch, highly sensitive line will out fish most other lines. Many anglers are now fishing with Berkleys Fireline which is about a sensitive as you can get in a Fiber/Braided line. Anglers who prefer Mono lines should give this one a try , the line diameter in a 14lb test line is .014 compared to Maxima’s oversized diameter lines. Maxima lines are much over rated as a 14 LB test line would be a line rating of 20 lb test in most other brands. With 14 lb Sensithin, you’ll get more line on your reel which will mean less re-spooling and less money spent.