Berkley has recently come out with a new series of river rods designed for the Fraser Valley fisherman. The CST 962M is a 9’6” medium action rod with a Line wt of 8-15 LB test and the CST 1062M which is 10’6” medium action rod with a slightly higher line rating of 10-20 LB test.

Both these rods fit into a price category which for years has been short on selection of good quality rods for a reasonable price. These rods are in the $ 100.00 -$120.00 price range but have the feel of a higher priced rod. The CST 962M is suitable for bottom bouncing or float fishing and the CST 1062M is a classic Fraser Valley float rod. I have been using the CST 962M for the past 3 weeks as a Guide rod and this rod has with stood the daily abuse and has landed many Fraser River and Harrison River Sockeye without any sign of weakness.