FlyFishing for Salmon

Salmon fly fishing begins in late summer and lasts until well into the month of November. Each river system has its own unique fisheries and best times to fish. We offer fly-fishing for salmon on the Fraser River, Harrison River, Pitt River, Lillooet River, Stave River and several other local rivers. For day trips we would choose the best river at that time period, for those looking for multi-day trips or week-long fishing holidays, we would fish several rivers for a variety of salmon species.

July to late August – offers some excellent fly fishing for Sockeye and Chinook Salmon. Although Sockeye are not known for their great biting abilities they are known to offer some excellent sport once they are hooked. We mainly fly-fish sockeye on the Upper Pitt River as this river receives the earliest salmon runs in the Valley. Although we are mainly targeting sockeye salmon there are good numbers of Chinook Salmon in the system as well. We occasionally hook into Chinook ranging from 14 to 25 lbs on the fly during this period. We also offer some excellent trout fishing during this time period, see Trout Fly Fishing.

The month of September offers the fly-angler a unique angling opportunity found in very few places in the world. On Odd years like 2007, the Pink Salmon begin their annual migration back to the Fraser River and Harrison Rivers. These two rivers boast some of the largest salmon returns left in the world. Just to give you some idea, in 2003, 40 million Pink Salmon returned to the Fraser & Harrison Rivers, 2005 was 23 million and we are expecting the same for 2007. These fish can be taken on light fly tackle using floating or sink tip lines. You must book early for this fishery.

STS Guiding: Harrison River offers some great fly fishing

Late September also offers some excellent fly fishing for sockeye on the Harrison River and some early fly-fishing for Coho on the Lillooet River. We also target those hungry feeding trout laying behind the salmon. See trout fly fishing pages . As we get closer toOctober we start to see good numbers of Chum Salmon and the odd early Coho as well. Last year we hooked several large Coho while fly fishing for Sockeye.

October to Nov 15 – is some of the best fly- fishing of the season. We target Coho Salmon, Chum Salmon, Chinook Salmon and Sockeye salmon on several rivers including some remote rivers. Each river fishes a bit differently so we choose the best rivers based on water conditions and annual salmon runs. The choices are many, the fishing can be incredible. This time period is one of our busiest with the majority being repeat anglers. Fisherman from around the world converge on the Fraser valley for what is anticipated to be some of the best fly fishing in the world. Book early for this fishery.