When you’re out on the water fishing with STS, your not alone. Some of the top fishing manufactures are coming along for the ride to ensure your time spent on the water is as productive as possible. STS Guiding is sponsored in part by GibbsDelta, Canada’s largest lure manufacturer, Pure Fishing, North America’s leading tackle manufacture, Pro-Line Sports, Mustad Hooks, Humminbird Fish Finders & Scotty downriggers. All of our boats come fully equipped with all the fishing tackle necessary to make your day enjoyable and productive.

Our Jet Boats are considered some of the top Custom Built Boats in the Industry. These specialized boats allow us to reach the more difficult waters in the valley. These boats are designed to run as shallow as 6 inches yet offer a smooth and comfortable ride in bumpy water. We equipped our boats with life jackets, first aid kits and all other government required safety gear. These Jet Boats are kept clean and in top running condition.

Our Jet boats are mainly used for our freshwater fishing but we also use this 28ft twin engine boat for Tours in the Fraser Canyon

Safety is Our Priority

Each year, approximately 150 Canadians die as a result of boating accidents aboard small vessels. The Small Vessel Regulations are the principal means by which the Government of Canada regulates the safety of these vessels. As of November 2009, all commercial small vessels must be registered in the Commercial Vessel inspection program. Compliance with the proposed Regulations will reduce the number of small vessel accidents and incidents, resulting in fewer fatalities and injuries and reduced property damage to small vessels in Canada.

New requirements incorporated in order to enhance safety include:

  • Protection of passengers and persons engaged in guided excursions from hypothermia and cold shock.
  • Upgrades to first aid kits and other safety equipment on non-pleasure vessels.
  • Identification of critical safety requirements (e.g. the proper maintenance of underwater penetrations of the hull, ignition protection of electric components, and maintenance of gasoline fuel systems to prevent fire and explosion) that set an absolute minimum safety standard for the maintenance of small vessels that were not captured by a construction standard at the time of construction.
  • Operational requirements for vessels that engage in towing (except when towing another vessel in order to respond to a distress or other emergency).
  • Requirements to ensure crews are proficient in the use of the vessel’s lifesaving and firefighting equipment at all times.
  • Reporting the number of passengers on board a passenger-carrying vessel to a person on shore who is responsible for alerting search and rescue.

STS Guiding Service is committed to the safety of our guests. All of our jet boats have been inspected, stability tested and our guides have passed all Transport Canada Required Certifications. When you hire STS you can be sure your safety is in good hands.