Just wanted to pass along a personal note thanking you and your team for an outstanding fishing adventure to British Columbia, Canada recently. Catching an 8 ft. sturgeon at roughly 275-300 lbs. with a 40 inch girth, was truly the highlight of the trip. Your boat handling during the 2.5 mile drift down river and the 50-55 minutes of fighting the fish, in a strong current, was remarkable. There was plenty of opportunities for the fish to break off during the fight, but with all your expertise we prevailed! The fishing was the best, but, admittedly, I did not expect such fabulous scenery along the Fraser River. WOW, what an added benefit. Also, the accommodations and service Dana and her team provided at the Above and Beyond Anglers Inn was fantastic and it truly reflects the name appropriately. Thanks again for all the excellent and professional service you provided during our stay in BC. It was plenty enough to convince me to make another trip in the, not too distant, future. It was a GREAT and memorable trip.

STS Guiding: Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing dsc7236


The fishing trip was absolutely amazing. The best birthday present for my dad and Sam was so great. He got us on to a whole pile of fish and all kinds of different species. 3 different kinds of salmon even in the early part of the season. The weather was so nice out there. Abnormally nice for the season Sam said. The sea was nice and calm. It was perfect. Thank you so much and we will definatly be doing another trip. The bad part is that the fishing might have ruined any other fishing that I do at home now lol. I might even have to do a sturgeon trip this year.

STS Guiding: Vancouver Island Fishing Image 3 STS Guiding: Vancouver Island Fishing Image 2


Hey Vic, me and my three friends where so glad we book with you guys. Ryan was our guide, he was awesome put us onto a double headed with in the first 5 mins of fishing. We also caught a 7 footer and a total of like 20 fish. I would just like to thank you guys for an awesome trip and would love to book another trip in the future. All Ryan’s gear was top notch and he made sure we had a blast. Thanks again!!

STS Guiding: Fraser River Sturgeon - Image 1

Cory Penner

Vic, thanks again. Our trip could not have been better. This was our first trip of this kind and it exceed all our expectations. Going into the trip I was hoping that my father would enjoy the outing. But I was nervous as this was not the kind of thing he would normally do. To tell you how much fun we had, my dad has told me to keep a couple of days open for next year. We are planning to do this every year. Thanks for keeping us on the fish, keeping us safe and comfortable and helping us enjoy the first trip of what I hope will be an annual event.

Fishing Vancouver img_0449

I have attached a photo of you with a fish on the line (making sure the hook was set before handing it to the rookies!)


Vic: Thank you for making our first trip to Canada one to remember!

We had a great time with everyone involved. You and Sam were wonderful guides and made us feel welcome and comfortable despite this being our first salmon fishing trip.

Everyone involved at Whales Reach Lodge was great. Each day was enjoyable and never boring, that’s for sure. We could hardly believe the fishing, and always looked forward to each day on the water and to returning to the relaxation at Coal Harbour.

Vancouver Island Fishing img_2130

We greatly appreciate the accommodation for our food allergies. You guys are the best!

Well, we have great memories and are happy to have made the acquaintance of everyone involved.

Now we have a freezer full of fish to remind us of the good times.

Thanks again and best of health to you and your family.

Joe Quinby, Ann Fletcher, Sam Quinby Irvine, California

Just wanted to thank you guys for a great trip. Finally got our pics sorted. I have always wanted to catch a fish bigger than me – done, a few times.

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing 20130906 155215

3 days – Brayden (1) and Rob (2) we caught a 7’10”, 2 at 8’2”, and our biggest 8’4” along with a bunch more. We figure that we caught well over 55 feet worth of sturgeon.

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing 20130906 165844

I’ve recommended you guys to every fisherman I know and some who don’t fish.

Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing IMG 0569


Fraser River Sturgeon Fishing 20130918 4243

I just want to thank you for the great day we had yesterday! My buddy is in from Ottawa and I thought we would try a day on the water, B.C. style! We started the day with fishing for salmon. After catching over 20 good sized Pinks in a few hours, we shifted to sturgeon fishing. Incredible! We landed 3 sturgeon, from 3 foot to 4 and a half feet in length. We also landed one that was 96 inches. An 8 footer! It was an absolutely awesome day! Harry, our guide, did an outstanding job in finding the fish, and setting us up for an enjoyable day on the water! His professionalism as well as “down to earth” manner made it easy for a novice fisherman like myself to truly enjoy the day! We would recommend this to anyone interested in serious fishing!

Fraser Canyon Salmon Fishing 20130918 4117

Thanks again for a great day.


Hello Vic,

Here are some pics, The jumper was awesome too, The trips both started slow, but ended with a bang, and the seven footer was a highlight for all of us, Better fight than sailfish, wahoo, king mackerel, musky, you name it, awesome !

Fraser River Salmon - p1030814

Braeden did a great job,for a man of 19. Put us on the biggest fish of our lives With time, he could be the best sturgeon fisherman on the river , I have already referred you to several hardcore fishermen, Cheers, Dave Curtis

Fraser River Sturgeon - p1030867

We hope to be back in prime time…

Hi Vic,

We had our trip on Saturday (Apr.27) in Mission, fishing the Fraser for Sturgeon. We all had an awesome time. We landed 7 and our biggest was 7’5″. My buddies and I couldn’t believe that we hooked and landed a fish that big. When we go back out on a guided trip, it will definitely be an STS guided trip.

Fraser River Sturgeon - img0635

Rob was an excellent guide. He put us on fish, kept baits in the water, supplied us with top of the line tackle, and had a nice organized boat. Also, he had a great sense of humour and we had an awesome time fishing with him. We appreciate his efforts to make us better Sturgeon fisherman, and we learned a lot about these interesting fish.

Thank you for booking our trip, Chad Putnam

Hi Vic,

The trip was excellent. It far exceeded our expectations. I have attached one of the photos of the large fish, we have several others. We will definitely make recommendations to our friends and colleagues, and hope that we will be able to come again ourselves. We also wish the best to Thomas and his family, and any news about the babies would be appreciated. Thanks again for a wonderful day. Barb, Gene, Dan and Marj

Fraser River Sturgeon - p1020456

Thanks Vic,

We had a great time! Tom treated us great and hooked us more fish than we’ve ever caught. 24 fish on day 2.

Fraser River Sturgeon - 20121031

Here is a picture of our biggest. 95″


Hey Vic,

We have arrived back home safe and sound just dropping a note to request the photos you had taken of our big fish. Hope you enjoyed the jerky, we will get back to you soon about dates for next year looking like third or fourth week of September but will let you know. Anxious to see Pics.

Fraser River Sturgeon - 026

Thanks again it was an awesome fishing experience.

Tom Lavoie Tomahawk, Alberta

Hi Vic and Dana,

I just wanted to thank the two of you, as well as the guides, for a great fishing trip! The weather was good, the sturgeon fishing was great, the river boating up to Hell’s gate was awesome, and the food and hospitality at the Above and Beyond house was Above and Beyond belief! It’s always nice to be able to get out with the guys and as much as we all love fishing and river boating the time spent together visiting and telling fishing stories in the evenings in a comfortable atmosphere completes the occasion; we could not have asked for a better hostess and setting for our vacation.

Fraser River Sturgeon - 004

I look forward to joining the two of you again soon!

Kelly Burake Calgary, Alberta

Hi Vic,

On behalf of all six of us that chased Sturgeon with you on August 7, 2012 from Hope to Hell’s Gate and back : Thank you! You run a first class operation: great boat, and great guiding on a great river. Your love of being on the river was obvious and infectious. I trust you have a picture of that 8 footer we landed. Amazing!

Fraser River Sturgeon - 006

It was the DAY of the summer for all six of us. We will see you again.

Richard West Morinville, Alberta

Hi Vic,

I just wanted to formally thank you for giving dad and I an amazing fishing experience on Monday. It is definitely a trip I will never forget, and something I would like to do again in the near future. I’m already scheming with my boyfriend for a November trip. We both really appreciated you staying the extra 2 hours with us to get those last fish, even though you were obviously very sick! I hope you were able to get some drugs for that and are recovering. I really valued your patience with letting us to try and set that damn hook. Hopefully next time I will have a better eye on that rod tip and I will know what to expect! It was so great to be a part of the unique sturgeon fishery and witness them up close and personal. I had no idea how beautiful those fish really were until I seen them; the real thing is so much better than in pictures or on TV. We were very lucky to have such a nice day and I’m so glad I chose STS. Again, thank you so much, and I will be in touch again.

Fraser River Sturgeon - fraservalleyg2012042300052

Sabrina Westerrose Alberta


Thanks for the Great guiding experience! My wife and I had a fantastic time on our honeymoon, having caught 3 sturgeon over 6 feet, along with 3 under 6 feet. Our guide Chad, did an outstanding job, and was a pleasure to fish with. I will (and have) recommended your guiding services to friends and colleagues of mine. Look forward to fishing with STS in the future.

Fraser River Sturgeon - P9150237

Best Regards, TDP

Hi Vic, Hi Teresa,

I wanted to thank you again for a very special week that Thomas and myself were able to spend with you and your amazing guides.

Your professionally organized trips, from boats to tackle to lunch to …, the superb guides, especially Tom (greetings!), all this combined with the dedication and “fever” that you and the crew have … it couldn’t get better.

Fraser River Sturgeon - DSC_0562-kl

It was so good to see that you and for example Tom still have so much fun in your “job”. I just think of the sparkles in your eyes when you used your new anchor winch, Vic 😉

I enclosed a few pictures, I am especially proud of the one “half-circle-jumping” pink.

Fraser River Salmon - DSC_0475-kl

Best Wishes Ralph Binder Germany

The boys are still raving about the trip. Thanks for a great time. You run a first class operation. Thanks for the pics too! Take care, we will be back.

Al Morrison Morrison Homes, Calgary, AB

Hey Vic,

Fishing was awesome, we all had a really good time. Already planning the next trip out there. This was something my dad would never have done(hire a guide) but he enjoyed it so much he was saying we should come out next year for 3 or more days, for sturgeon and maybe a day of salmon fishing. Which we will be booking through you guys, when we figure it out.

Thomas is an excellent guide and we all enjoyed our time on the boat with him. He asked that I send you some pictures so I attached a few. I’m having some issues with my computer right now so let me know if you don’t get them.

Thanks for everything.

Chris MacDonald

Hi Vic,

I would like to thank STS guiding for a fantastic couple of days fishing back in May, the three of us all had a great time, especially my buddy Sean from Ontario.

Considering the conditions we managed three decent fish, a Five, Six and Seven.

I would like to extend our thanks to Thomas, who was a fantastic host, kept working hard both days under the conditions, and kept our spirits high when they were not bitting, so big thanks to him.


Derek Brady

Hi Vic,

Just wanted to drop you a note thanking for our trip on Saturday. Jeff, Bill and I had a fantastic time. Photo’s for the day were flying all over the internet on Sunday.

Thomas is a great guide, super professional and was able to match stories all day long, which is a feat all in itself. He was easy going with no ego compared to other guides encountered in the past.

The boat and equipment were first rate and everything was perfectly organized. Thomas managed to get 7 fish despite the weather and the double header with my brother in the afternoon was very entertaining.

We will be looking for another trip in June to Pitt Lake and Sturgeon fishing in September.

Thanks for the Sturgeon recommendation.


Tom Munro Pitt Meadows BC

Hi Vic,  sorry it’s taken me a few days to send some pics, we’re still travelling and Im just getting a chance now. We want to thank you again for the amazing experience from Tom & Thomas this past Monday & Tuesday … we had SO much fun and we wish we were still down there fishing away. We will definitely come back to fish with you guys, STS made our first sturgeon experience unforgettable … we have been calling it Holy Shit fishing when we tell people. Thanks again for everything, we hope to see you in the fall!


Lauren & Josh Wettlaufer


I thought it pertinent to share some feedback from yesterday’s fishing experience with Doug …

The day couldn’t have been any better, within 15 minutes of being on the water we had a 5 footer to the boat and the day just got progressively better from there. After landing 27 sturgeons with the largest almost reaching 8 feet, I would say we had an amazing time. It actually helped my company close some important business with a customer, as he quotes, “Thanks so much for giving me this exciting experience. I’ll always remember it as one of the highlights in my life.” … I think that says it all.

Kudos to Doug, he worked extremely hard to make sure that we had an awesome day; he’s a great advocate for STS and a valuable member to your highly experienced team of professional guides. Again, great time and excited to get out on the water with STS in the very near future!!!!

Please extend our sincere appreciation to Doug as well …

Best Regards,

Rupert Mongrain Pacific Manager National Energy Equipment Inc.


Thanks very much for a fantastic week fishing & thank you for all the pictures. I think I’ve got about 350 of my own to sort along with about 3 hours of film to edit!

Once we’ve done all that we’ll create a Fish Canada page and put a load of pics and footage on our website with a link to your site saying that if you want a holiday of a lifetime and catch some fish like the ones in the photos/videos, then they should have a look on your website and speak to you.

After we first went big game fishing in Mexico we started arranging for our anglers to go out there, but it was so much aggravation that we get them to contact direct as you are the experts in your own respective countries.

My 2 sons loved all the photos along with my wife, Tara, and now want to know when I’m taking them!


Mike Michael & Tara Williams t/a M & T Charters


Here is our big one 6 ft 10.

Also wanted to thank you for the exceptional service show by everyone involved. Tom was non stop all day insuring we were catching. He went way above a normal level of service. The house was spectacular, along with Dana who kept the place spotless as well as cooking a perfect breakfast every morning. Mike and Luisa also put on a fantastic meal each night. Thank you for suggesting this option as this was by far one of the best fishing trips I have been on.

World class fishing at an unbelievable value.

I hope to have the video and pictures done up soon, the files are a little to large to send by email, but the large sturgeon doing the back flip turned out awesome, managed to get 4 pics of him in the air.

I will get all the photos burned onto some discs and send them out to, they have the raw files as well and you may use them as you see fit.

Once again thanks for the unforgettable experience, the only bad thing is how to fit in 2 trips a year out there instead of one. We will see you again next year.

Murray McDonald Sales Representative Sanjel Corporation

Hello Vic and Theresa,

As a guest of my nephew Dan Parker I was treated to most memorable experience during the subject dates.

First, the accommodations for all five in the party were superb and I never got over what you consider a continental breakfast. It was fantastic and there was too much to choose from the great food for breakfast.

Second, our guide, Chad, was most accommodating and adapted his style to our level of angling experience, which ranged from minimal to fully experience level. Everyone in the party had an opportunity to land at least a couple fish during the three days. Many of us were able to connect with Chad on more finer points of fishing.

And last, but not least, all of us were able to bring in the largest fish we ever hooked in our various levels of expertise. In my case I managed to land a eight and a half footer which was a personal challenge because I will turn 72 in 6 Oct and we estimated the fish to about similar age. I don’t give in to a challenge very easy especially if my opponent is the same age.

The very best regards to both of you and Vic keep pedaling that bike.

Bruno Reinys,

P.S. Tim Lafferty had a 7.5 footer, but I do not have the picture.

Thomas requested that I e-mail you photos of your company’s clients catches for Sept. 6, 2010. By the way. our guide, Thomas, was superb in not only his guiding and fishing skills but also with his commitment to providing his clients with the best outdoor learning experiences and demonstrating how guides help each other in serving clients. An excellent demonstration of your company’s team work philosophy!

Thomas’s knowledge of sturgeons and the need for supporting sturgeon research and active involvement with conservation practices and ethos were most impressive. I would not hesitate to recommend your guiding company and Thomas to my personal friends, my Rotary Club colleagues and business associates.


Roy Sakata


Taylor here (was out with Shaun a week ago),

Just wanted to say thanks again for the great time – the fishing and accommodations were both top notch, Ryan did a great job on the river –  like I said at your place “he put us on fish no matter what spot we were at.” Already discussing our next trip out!


Thanks again for the awesome time!

Taylor Buck, Environmental Officer (Newalta) Ministry of the Environment West Central Region


Thanks for another great trip. I would love to book for another trip for about the same time next year and can hardly wait. It was a perfect trip that we had this year. Like many businesses, it has been a little challenging this past while and I really had some thoughts about being “financially responsible” and cancelling all or part of the trip this year. I love the trip myself so much that I figured that it still needed to be done. To continue with the same program that we had done in the past years was probably one of the better decisions I made this year. We had a great time and I don’t think I can place a true monetary value on the relationships that were developed and expanded while on the trip. The bonus we had this year was fish but the truth of the matter is, that it is the whole experience that makes this trip special.


From the time we get off the plane and are greeted by Bill until we are dropped off, your group, including Tom and the other guides, the chefs, the breakfast ladies and yourself, make me, and most especially my guests, feel special.”

Thanks again, see you next year (or who knows, maybe before). Warren

“Hi Vic,

Wanted to send you a short message to thank you for the great time we had (1) staying at the Hatzic Lake house last week and (2) enjoying the awesome sturgeon fishing with skippers Tom and Ryan.

The high standard of the house and then company and guidance of both skippers and resultant fishing was special experiences that none of us will ever forget. This spilled over into the friendliness shown by the staff in the Cabins Cabin (pub), a place we visited after each trip to relive the days events. Please pass on our appreciation to Tom and Ryan, for some special days on the water, which gave us catches of two sturgeon at 103″ and two at 96″ (plus quite a few 80″+’s): truly fish that we will tell many a story about.

We’re already talking about a return to Mission some day, so will certainly be in touch if we do manage another trip.”

Kind regards and best wishes, Ronnie (Duncan, Doug & Bob)

“Hi Vic and Theresa,

Please find attached a picture of us guys with our 6′-8″ sturgeon. Hopefully our next visit we will see this great fish on your wall. Thanks you so much for the opportunity and thank Gerry for guiding us to this great fish.


The boys from Alberta Steve, Don and Dave and Oh of course our long lost brother from Kamloops, Kevin.”

Regards Steve Rooke


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience we had on our sturgeon trip on Sunday. Thomas took us to the right spots and the sturgeon could not wait to jump on the hook. Best fish was a 9 footer weighing around 450lbs. Its something we will be talking about for years to come back in Wales.”


thanks again Barry & Lin

“Hi Vic,

WOW … That hardly sums up the day I had with your guide Walt on 08/17/2009,it was one of the most fantastic days fishing I have ever had.


I was lucky enough to catch one of the Fraser rivers monsters due to the effort and river knowledge of Walt he worked hard all day to find the fish and when I did manage to hook the big one what he said when that fish leapt out of the water for the first time has been stuck in my head ever since!!!!!! He said very calmly that’s a fat one and indeed it was at 109″ long and Walt said it weighed between 450 and 475lb the smile has not left my face since.


Vic once again thanks for a great day, by the way it was my 60th birthday the day after and I cant think of a better present for a fisherman and would you also pass on my thanks to Walt for a great day.”

Kind Regards Dave Collins

“Hi Vic,

Just dropping you a note to say my son and myself really had a enjoyable time fishing, as always. Pass along our thanks to Ryan for two pleasurable days of fishing, awesome guide very personable. I hope Ryan has recovered from losing the sturgeon of a lifetime. I know we enjoyed just having a chance at it. Catching a 6.5 & a 7 footer right after sure helps take the sting away. Looking forward to next year.”

Bill Rieger


Bob, Gary and I would just like to thank you for the excellent guiding you did with us last Wed on the Vedder. We definitely learned a lot, and it’s such a pretty river that we can’t wait to come back. Even though we got skunked that day, we felt it was well worth the enjoyment of a very beautiful day. All was not lost, however, because we went back the next day to the first spot just upstream of the Keith Wilson bridge and Bob landed a nice hatchery 8-pounder or so (see attached pic). Gary & I were jealous! Next time before we head up, we’ll like to take you up on your offer and email you ahead of time to check out conditions on the river, if that’s OK with you. Hope all is good and well.”


Thanks! Pin Foo

“Hi Vic,

Just wanted to thank you guys for some great guiding and awesome service. I’m quite sure that we will be back within 5years and will be booking guides from you. Please give our thanks to Jerry for a great couple of days. I hope he’s catching fish again……”



“Thanks to all the STS guides & personnel- we had a great time! I will recommend STS to all my friends and associates- and you can quote me on that!


Cheers, Tom Chief Estimator – Bellevue Operations Lydig Construction Inc.

“Hi Vic, These pictures are the biggest fish that we had caught with Tom the smallest one is 7’1″ and the biggest is 9’6” the way you guys measure. Again we had a time of our lives and can’t wait until next year.


Casey Pennycook

“Hi Vic, Just wanted to say we had a great day yesterday on the Harrison. We were fishing with Justin and just wanted to pass on our thanks again to him, as I’m sure you know, he’s very professional and a great sense of humour, he helped made the day a real blast.

A photo of my friends and I ( 2 Dutchies, brother and sister and 1 aussie) From L- R, Fleur, Craig, Jan.

Needless to say the Aussie caught the biggest fish on the day,”

Regards, Craig Barraclough Special Projects Manager CHC Global Operations

“Dear Vic, A short note to say a BIG thank-you to our guides Doug and Matt for a truely memorable 5 days fishing. Fly-fishing the Lilloet River and the Pitt system was beyound our expectations (the attached picture, of the coho, was taken on the Lilloet). Matts expert guiding skills and fantastic personality would certainly give us reason to return. Doug was the perfect gentleman and patient teacher and soon had us hooking into loads of chum. The experience was awesome and we are seriously considering a return trip in 2009 for the pinks. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Doug and Matt for making this trip a 5 star experience.”


Kind regards, Wayne and Nadine Oldfield

“Thanks for another great trip…this was our biggest of the day…went out with the Westlam/Harpo group on 10/17. You guys are the best-this was my 2nd trip with you and we boated multiple fish over 6’ on both trips….what a great way to spend a day.”



“Vic / Teresa, We would like to thank you for the trip to remember and your hospitality. We all enjoyed the trip and the professionalism of your group. From the signing up of the trip, the hard work from the guides and the TLC from our accommodations. It was a class show and a special holiday for us fathers and sons. We’re hoping to be coming back in 2010!”


Thanks Again, Jim, Kevin, Randy, Ryan Hamilton NOMAD POWER LTD.

“This is Wayne Ritco, I’m with Rosenau Transport, our group arrived on Sept. 29th, if you recollect, I was the flyfishing guy. I would like to thank you and all of your co-workers, staff, guides and cooks for a wonderful 3 days of fishing and R & R. The hospitality (all of you), guiding (Jerry, etc.), shuttling (Bill), and food (Mike, etc.) was just fantastic. I would and will recommend your services to my fishing friends without hesitation.”


Thanks Again, Wayne

“Vic, Wanted to let you know that I have had all positive feedback from my guys. It was an excellent day and I look forward to the next one. You run a top shelf company and I would be glad to recommend your services to any group.”


Lyall Sharman Veyance Technologies Inc. Goodyear Engineered Products Canada

“Hi Vic; I wanted to send you a quick follow up email to say thanks for the great trip we had on September 14th. All 7 of us had a really great time, and Jason (who’s stag we were celebrating) had a truly memorable day. It was great of you to pick us up at Emery creek, which made for an awesome surprise for Jason. The weather was perfect, the fishing was great, and your knowledge of the canyon impressed us all. We are all still talking of the amazing time we had, and are wondering who will be next to get married so we can go out on the boat again for another stag. On behalf of myself, Jason, Clint, Forrest, Jerrod, Herman and Jeff, thanks again for an amazing adventure!”


Cheers, Mike

“Hello! Just wanted to send off a quick e-mail about our day out with Tom. GREAT guide, the two of us very much enjoyed him out with us on the water.”


thanks, and very nice service you guys offer! Adam & Ken

“Hello Vic, My father and I want to thank you for a truly memorable fishing trip that we had last Thursday. The guide was excellent.”



“Vic I wanted to thank you for the marvelous trip. I spent the next several days struggling to attend meetings,(I was ready to fishing again). I certainly hope to repeat the adventure again in the future. Thank You for being such a wonderful host. Paula, Dave, and I were delighted. Do you have photos of the trip you can share? Please look us up if you stray over our way in WV.”


Mike Coburn Heritage Equipment Mechanics Trucks,LLC.

“Hello Vic;

My name is Donna Montey, I was on a guided fishing trip with you in 1999. You took us on the Harrison River. I was with friends Todd Matoga, and Frank Zigart. You had our picture put on the front page of the Angler newspaper in nov/dec 1999 issue. A picture of me was also in there towards the middle of the paper reeling in the 6 ft sturgeon that took me about an hour or more to reel in and arms stretched to unbelievable lengths.

This morning I was watching the WFN channel, and to my surprise who do I see, but you and Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman. I talk about that fishing trip all the time, and then there you were. I recognized your name and your STS guiding. T0 confirm my thoughts, I had to go and dig out that newspaper, which was not really hard to dig out since I love to dig it out and show everyone my picture on the front cover with that beautiful sturgeon. Yes it was you that took us on our, well my most exciting fishing trip to this day.

Anyway I was just so excited to see you on TV that I looked up your website and thought I would share this information with you. I would like to bring my boyfriend Lenard there one day in the very near future, he is an avid fisherman who loves fishing in Winterharbour for the past few years. He talks often about taking me there. I have fished Salmon, Sturgeon, but never Halibut. Him, he has fished Salmon, Halibut but never Sturgeon.

Well, again it was a thrill to see you on TV and say, Hey, thats the fellow that took me fishing once, and I caught the biggest fish of my life that weekend back 9 years ago!!!”

Donna Montey

“A big thanks to our guide Matt. Sorry he had to witness all the gay fun on board .I guess “what happens on the boat stays on the boat” the boys says he has a nice ass for a big guy.Ha Ha Ha We hope to see you again.”


Thanks again. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Neil

“Thank Vic for a first class trip with unbelievable fishing. All my guy’s could not thank me enough.”


Thanks Keith Magnus

“Hi Vic,

Just getting in touch to thank you for the fantastic day Fly fishing on the Upper Pitt River. Having fly fished using guides in Ireland, Australia (Tasmania) and New Zealand, I would have to say your company must be one of the most professional guiding services any of us have come across. And what about your equipment. Boat and tackle 1st class – We’ll be back and will highly recommend you to our fishing friends.”


Again cheers mate for the great day Lar, Joe and Donie Perth, Western Australia

“Ryan thought you might like to see these pictures of the 89 inch sturgeon I caught on Friday. Thanks for an excellent fishing trip.”


Bob Brownstein San Jose, California

“Hi Vic,

Thanks again for an amazing trip. Could you please send the pictures. Thanks a lot, hope to get out with you again in the future.”


Regards Will Warnock

“Hi Vic,

Arrived back in the UK today. Just a note to say thanks for the great trip, i throughly enjoyed it. The Pitt river is certainly a special place to fish, going back to my usual haunts will seem a little tame after that!! Enjoy the rest of your seasons fishing, if you had any good pictures that you could e mail me it would be much appreciated.”


Regards John

“Hi Vic,

Just wanted to drop a line and thank the entire staff for a great few days of fishing. What a professional group of guides and the entire package is one you both should be very proud of as I have been to many lodges and rank yours in the top three. …”

Lyle Whitmarsh Churchill River Lodge Leaf Rapids, Manitoba

“Hi Vic,

Just started the editing for the Sturgeon show. We have got so much great footage that we have decided to make two shows! It is exciting to see come together at last, even though it has only been a month since shooting, it seems much longer. I personally had an absolutely fantastic time on your boat, and I’m looking forward to sending a copy or two out to you right away. The level of professionalism and knowledge you have for these amazing fish is unparalleled, and I’m finding out now that few people posses the experience you and your crew have in fishing for Sturgeon. Please pass along the message to Tom that the photo IS REAL. He will know what I mean… Best regards, and I hope the foul weather lately has not been too tough on business.”


Brent Richardson Fish’n Canada


Just a quick note to thank you for the spectacular day of fishing that we had on Friday. We sent a couple of Californians home very happy. Good luck with your busy season and I hope we will have a chance to get together with you and your staff when things quiet down a bit.”


Best regards,

Syd Pallister, CA, CBV President Gibbs Fishing Tackle

“Hi Vic,

Just wanted to thank you for a great time on October the 14th. What a great way for myself, my two brothers and my Dad to bond! The fishing was better than we could have ever imagined with (2) sturgeon over 6 feet to the boat and (5) more between 2-5 feet! Our guide Ken was very professional, courteous and obviously knows where the “honey holes” are.”


Thanks again!

Rob Beukema West Coast Machinery Ltd.

“Hi Vic,

The boys and I wish to say a big, big thank you to you and STS guides for what was a truly outstanding fishing trip. We have and will retain extremely fond memories of expertise, patience and endeavors of yourself and Ryan to ensure that our visit to your magnificent part of the world was so memorable. I have fished worldwide with numerous guides but consider this trip to be up there with the very best.You and STS are to be commended and highly recommended (you can quote me) on every aspect of the trip which was well in keeping with the awe-inspiring beauty of B.C. It is our intention to return in the not too distant futureand bring the ladies with us.”


Once more we tender our many thanks for everything you did on our behalf and hope to join you again soon,

Richard Street Commander Royal Navy (R’td)

“Just a quick note & Picture.,

We Fished with Tom on Thursday the 12th and had a blast, caught plenty of salmon..and I caught my first Sturgeon!! It was 7′ 4″ and took about 40 minutes of fighting!! WHAT A BLAST!”


Thanks for a great day on the water!!

Kim Givens Ukiah, CA

“Hey Vic,

Thanx again for the unbelievable time on the Fraser, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. The food at the Above and Beyond house was outstanding. Both yours and Toms guiding services were excellent and we will definitely be back soon. If you could send me those pictures it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks once again and we will see you guys in the near future.”


P.J. Howard

“Hi vic just a short e mail to say thanks to you and sts we had a great day friday (6th oct) sturgeon fishing catching really well and some awsome fish can you thank our guide for me(RADEK)? I hope he enjoyed our company as much as we did his (a real nice guy and a very good guide) we had great day one to be remembered AWSOME I have sent some pics for the album hope you like them.


Thanx once again, LEN (tom & shohei)

“Hi Vic and Teresa, How, u doin? Thanks for a great holiday, and memories we will treasure for a lifetime (until the next trip anyway!), especially on my birthday when I landed my first two salmon on the fly and a 4ft sturgeon. It was certainly a birthday I won’t forget in a hurry! The hospitality we received was second to none and was greatly appreciated by all. We’re still all buzzing from the thrill. One of the biggest adrenalin rushes was the visit from the CO’s! Hope you don’t have another one. There’s still dirty laundry at the very thought of it. The food and the craic was great and enjoyed by everyone. The catch of the day was surely the 6ft sturgeon landed by Big Hugh, much to the delight of us all. That’s one for the wall!! Say Hello to all the boys, Felix the cat, Tom and Ryan, missing them already, they deserve a few dirty hookers and B52’s (preferably paid by you!). Your service and expertise certainly deserves praise and credit as all your hard work made the holiday more enjoyable and worthwhile. Thanks again and hope to see you next year!


Michael, Big Ed, Steve aka dancing boy, Big Hugh and Brian. The Irish Crew. (Sept 9th-18th)

“Thanks again Vic for a great day on the river, STS took great care of us and everyone had a big smile and sore arms by the days end. Our guide Tom was very patient with my wife who enjoyed her first salmon fishing trip on the Fraser and he was very professional, polite and explained everything very well.

We will be back next year for sure.

Paul Siniak Wire Draw Trainer, Tree Island Industries.

“Hi Vic and Teresa, I want to once again thank you for a great day of fishing…you run a great trip, and you do know where the fish are, and have nothing but the best in equipment …. my wife and I still talk about that first Sturgeon jump we saw..its amazing a fish that large can bring almost its whole body out of the water …. next time I come back I will book for a dayand will work with out with weights …. ha ha …. and try other species ….


Paul Lagasi

“Vic, Thanks again to the guys for their hard work. Pass on to Tom copies of him with the 29lber by boat. Biggest was slightly over 29lbs, followed by 24.5 lbs, and around the 15 – 18lb range.


Thanks again a bunch. A memorable trip.

William Lesiuk RPFT Wildfire Technologist Lesser Slave Wildfire Management Area High Prairie, Alberta

“Vic, I want let you know about the great trip my son Gavin and I had with Radick last Sunday afternoon, August 6. We tied into a pair big sturgeon, 6’1″ and 6’8″ and had the fishing trip of a lifetime.”


I would like you pass our thanks to Radick for taking his second trip of the day and making sure we got a full deal fishing trip. We really appreciated his guiding skills.

George Peace River, Alberta

“Vic, Here are some pictures that Bill thought you would enjoy having. Again, thanks for the great trip. It was my first fly-fishing expedition and I know that it will not be my last. Your operation is first rate and we will highly recommend you.”


Carol RealOps

“Thanks Vic, We had a wonderful time. Paul and Jerry were so impressed that they are seriously contemplating skipping their annual Key West fishing trip and fishing with you again. Ryan was a wonderful guide. Please share our thanks with him. He mentioned you might want a picture or two. I sent you our best picture of the 6’7″ sturgeon, but you really can’t see it all.”


Chris Clarkston Missouri, USA

“Hi Vic, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks. We had a great time with Tom on the Sturgeon trip. Everything went perfect. As a guide myself, I know how easy it is to have a bad day. You and your staff really have done an outstanding job. I will recommend your service to anyone wanting to have a blast! Keep up the good work and stay in touch. Give our thanks to Tom for a great trip!”

Richard Petty BMB Guide Service New York, USA

“Vic, This was one of the best fishing trips I have had in a long time. The guide was friendly and very knowledgeable. I will definitely be back to fish with you again.”


Heath Harris Wisconsin, USA

“Hi, Back in the cold Finland again. Just want to thank you about the great trip to Fraser on 17 January.


I hope I will come back latest next fall.”

With kind regards, Mikael Kiviluoto Finland

“Hey there Vic! “this was the first day that I was able to get out after our guided day on the river. I was feeling sick and debated if I should go fishing or not. I’m sure glad I did!

I pulled this 10.5 lbs doe from mid river at about 09:30.she put up a good fight but it took me about 1 minute to figure out I had a fish on. I thought I had a reel bad snag. but when I saw the float moving around to my side of the river (I was casting to a small rock wall on the other side) I got excited.


Please pass along my thanks to ken. I listened to his advise and that was to respool with 12lbs test mainline, used 8lbs leader (based on the water) with drennan #4 piker a small chunk of lead with tubing at either end. I got her with orange and white wool with some mike’s shrimp oil (your recommendation).

This was my 4th day on the Vedder and it feels really good to finally go home with something to put on the dinner table not to mention my confidence is up. I was starting to think that I was never going to get one.”

  you guys rock! ben gehrke

“Hi Vic, “We came over from the UK and fished with your service in August last year and had a great time on the Sturgeon ( the lack of salmon was a disappointment but that’s fishing …). … My wife hooked a nice 30lb plus, brother in-law got a sixty and I was well chuffed with my 8 footer…


PS- we all enjoyed one of the best days of out lives that day, Tom the guide was great and did his best to find the fish. I have recommended your service to lots of my associates and friends and when we’re next over there we won’t hesitate to book you guys again.”


Cheers Mick

“Hi Vic, Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you. “Thank you ” “Thank you”. I had the difficult job of organizing a trip from Ireland to British Columbia for 20 anglers. I have to say it was as easy as pie once we arrived in mission. The care, professionalism and service we received were second to none. I have an angling service here in Ireland and I know how difficult it can be to carter for all the types of personalities you have staying with you. In your case it seemed so easy as you cared for us like family.


The fishing was superb, the fun was endless and the food and accommodation at above and beyond was out of this world. I have asked the guys who stayed at above and beyond how they enjoyed the trip and this is what they said:

Andrew Boyd: “My first Salmon” (On Fly) “My biggest ever fish, Brilliant”

David Egan: “Chum! Chum! Chum! When can we go back?”

David Neal: “I did not want to go home” “Superb food, excellent fishing, great guides”

Pat Fahy: “Twice as good as our Alaska trip” “Most professional service I have ever came across”

Tom Waldron: “Loved every minute, wish I could go back”

John McCarthy: “Most enjoyable holiday I ever had” “Hope to be back soon”


Martin McCarthy: “I could not fish, I never fished” “But Vic changed all that with his casting lessons. I am now hooked. Bought the rod, bought the gear, bought the T-Shirt. All I want to do know is to go back fishing”

Jerry Kenny: (Small Man, Big River) “Loved the lodging, best fishing of my life” “Vic and the boys were brilliant. I will be back soon” “Here it is! Here it is! Here it is!”

Kennett O’Keefe: “Never have I seen or caught as many big salmon. Better than our Alaska trip’s” “Thanks for the life long memories”

Larry McCarthy: Vic I have had dozen of enquiries about my next trip and where I will go, people ask will it be Alaska, Russia, Argentina or Cuba? No is the answer to all these destinations, for me, mission B.C and S.T.S. Guiding Service is the only fishing destination on my book. Hope to see you, Theresa and all the guy’s soon.

Thanks again,

Larry McCarthy Irelandwww.corribangling.com

“Hi Vic

I would like to thank you again from everybody, we all said what a great time we had. We had a good variety of fishing which we hadn`t had before, and we was very pleased about that. The luxury that you and the boat gave us was second to none. I think everybody on the river could see that. We firmly believe that you have set the standard that the rest have to follow.

Also the photo`s at the end which you gave us all on CD was just a great personal touch, Which when your fishing, you sometimes you loose that moment throu forgeting your camera.


So we all would like to thank you very much for a fantastic experiance with a great choice of venues and variety, Terrific company, Many jokes and fun had by all, And the FISHING, I think that was a bonus.

Andy Scotland

“Here is a picture from out trip in Oct. The picture has a good story, my oldest brother finally caught a big fish 7’2” and of course the tug in the background is trying to park a 80yard boom of logs right on top of us. The fish jumped about 5′ away from the logs but never went under thankfully. In the end we my brother got him reeled in and it is now a story we will remember forever:)


Matt Rimbey, ALTA

“Sturgeon fishing with Tom was awesome again this year. Thanks for taking us out and getting us into a bunch of fish, the biggest one being over 7 feet. As always we had a blast.


Thanks from: Frank, Brian, Andy, and Keith. BC, CA

“Just a note to thank you for a wonderful trip. I think it was only when we came home that we began to realize just how great our trip with you guys was. World class fishing, top class accommodation and very professional guides. On a personal note it was a lot of firsts for me. My first salmon on the fly, my biggest game fish on the fly (god those chum can scrap), the most fish I have ever caught it two weeks, and the biggest fish I have ever caught, in a near seven foot sturgeon. What more could any fisherman ask for. Say hi to Matt, Tom, Ken, Ryan and Glen for us and thank them for a great time. I have already recommended your guiding service to all the people who have asked me about our trip and will continue to do so in the future.


Thanks again Vic and hope to see you in the near future.

Andrew Boyd & all the mad Irish who stayed at Above & Beyond. MA, USA

“Hi Vic,

Thanks for two simply awesome guided days on the Fraser River sturgeon fishing this past October!

My wife Wendy and I landed 7 “great whites” with Glen on the first day, with the two largest fish measuring 5-feet, 9-inches and 5-feet, 7-inches.


Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, I landed another 17 sturgeon the following day with Ryan. In a one-hour span (from 11 am to noon) we landed 10! Simply amazing action … an average of one monster sturgeon every 6-minutes!

Never in my wildest dreams did we expect to land 24 sturgeon in two days (16 hours) of fishing with your talented guides! I still think my left arm is a couples of inches longer than my right after fighting so many big fish!


We look forward to seeing you again next fall when I bring my 12-year-old nephew! Hopefully we can time our visit to get into some Coho on a fly rod, a few kings, and of course, more of the best sturgeon fishing in the world!

Thanks again,

John Kulchisky Toronto, ON

“Hi There,

We booked a charter this summer with you guys and had a great time, the salmon weren’t having it but the Sturgie’s certainly made up for it. A big thanks to Tom our guide for the day, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as funny as the guy who hooked into a big one whilst all alone in a 10 foot dinghy, I will never forget the look on his face as he was dragged past us upstream by a medieval monster.


Once again cheers guys, From Mick Caroline and James from Yorkshire in the UK.

Michael Hollinworth Yorkshire, UK

“Hi Vic,

Wanted to let you know that our group had a great time fishing Oct 19-21st. The 20th with Randy and your “Big Red” boat was the highlight for my group with catching one 7′ and one 7’2″. Of course a tug was trying to park a 80yrd boom of logs right where and when my brother was trying to bring in his 7’2″ sturgeon. Made for a good laugh and a unforgettable event. Above and Beyond was incredible still miss the food 🙂



“Hello Vic,

Give my thanks to Ken again for such a wonderful trip on the Sat & Sun. I have been to many places with many guides, and you guys are probably the best I have come across. All I can say is that the trip made for an experience of a lifetime, that I doubt we will be able to beat if ever.


The first thing I did when I got home was to show my buddy, and in 2007 when the pinks are going again you can count on us being there.

Matthew ChristopherEdmonton

“Vic, just wanted to let you know we had a FANTASTIC day!

12 hookups and 10 to the boat. No monsters, our biggest (mine !…see pic below ) was 5 1/2 feet, and lots of 4+ ft’ers. We brought our fly gear, but never had time for pinks, cuz the sturgeon fishing was too much fun. I have a new appreciation for just how awesome the fishing is right here in our own backyard. Ryan is a great guide, and really worked hard for us. Your equipment was excellent, and the weather was perfect. We’re all keen to do it again next year.”


Steve RonsonVancouver

“Just a quick message to say thanks once again for providing Rob and I with the best trip ever! Please also thank Ryan for his efforts in putting us over the fish each day, as well as putting up with us and our British/Canadian banter!”

John and Rob with one of many caught Sturgeon.

John Prudence Calgary, Alberta


Just thought I would let you know that your wealth of knowledge you shared with us on the May 8th sturgeon seminar paid off for me & John on Thursday. See pictures enclosed – 9′ 2”. Thanks so much. See you on November 06 with Dave & Ted.


John Turney


Just a quick note to extend a sincere “Thank-You” to you, Tom, Ken and Matt for doing the extra little things that made our recent salmon fishing adventures fun and memorable for our clients and project managers. Over three afternoons, your guides did a great job of introducing our group of folks to something new. Despite the low numbers of fish in the river at this time, the majority of our group managed to either catch a fish or feel the tug that gets your heart pumping. Everyone provided me with very positive feedback. Thanks again and until next time, tight lines and all the best for the remainder of this season.

Pierce Bakker with Salmon

Brian Mylleville Abbotsford, BC, Canada


Want to thank you and your wife for the hospitality. We really enjoyed visiting B.C. and your local area was some of the friendliest in all of Canada. The fishing was outstanding and the river, with the mountain view as a background, was spectacular. We had the opportunity to visit with most of the guides there, I think to compare our southern dialect to the B.C. dialect, and they were the best we have experienced throughout our many guided fishing excursions. I can’t imagine the fishing during the peek Salmon run, we caught really nice fish in the earliest part of the season. I also have a new found respect for your sturgeon!! WOW what a fish to land.


I wanted to thank you again for accommodating our every request and helping with James and his artificial hip as well as his comfort during the eight hour day. I have already began visiting with other fisherman about the possibility of a return trip. Please say hello to Ryan (“the snag pro”), Mark (“the sled master”), Tom (“skinny”), and Matt (“Keebler Boy”).


Larry Breashears Arkansa, USA


We had an awesome time today on the Upper Pitt. The views were incredible – I have never seen water that color. I got some great pictures of all the scenery. Matt was a wonderful fishing guide. My mom and I had such a great time. We really had a great time, it is the best fishing trip I have ever been on. I hope we have a chance to do again sometime.

STS Guide Matt w/ LeAnn.

LeAnn Bond Texas, USA

“Hi Vic

Thanks to Matt for a great day of fishing…the salmon where not biting, Matt convinced us to try Sturgeon…we had a ball. I have attached a picture of Matt and my two friends Ken (centre) From Caronport Saskatchewan and my other good buddy Roy.”

STS Guide Matt w/ Ken and Roy.

Dan Mayrand North Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Hi Vic

My dad and I had a great time sturgeon fishing over the Easter weekend. As you suggested, I’ve attached a couple of pictures from our trip for the STS website. Ryan was a fantastic guide; he was very professional and extremely knowledgeable about the Fraser River. We’re definitely looking forward to booking another trip! We had originally planned to do one day sturgeon, one day trout, but after getting a taste of the sturgeon, we were hooked and determined to catch “the big one”. My fiancé and her dad took a trip with you last year and after seeing that we caught a bigger sturgeon than them, they are eager to get back out there and reclaim their title! We were hoping to book a trip in the fall to do some sturgeon and salmon fishing…are you starting to fill up yet, or do we still have time to plan?

Anyways, thanks again for the outstanding guiding service, it made my dads trip to B.C. a memorable one.”

Steve Masters w/ Sturgeon.

Steve Masters Burnaby, BC, Canada

“Vic, Thanks for the trip today. I have a good idea on what to do, now I just need to do it. Art and myself both agreed that you are a very good guide and thought you did a great job of explaining what you know and not afraid of telling people. Jerry W. and David V. both told me you were the best and you have a good rep with the guys from south of the border. They both told me to tell you to give you there regards if you were our guide. Thanks again and if you could send me the picture of the sturgeon I had in my hands. It was my first and has to go on my I love me wall. Good for my rod building business as well.

Thanks again and see ya on the water”

Keith Raines w/ Sturgeon.

Keith Raines

“Vic. Thanks again for the great service over the weekend. We had a great time. Next time we will show a little more skill on the end of the rod.”

Brian and group from Castle Fuels.

Brian Windsor Castle Fuels Inc.

“Hi Vic

Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. I have been under the weather since I got back and had to spend a few days in bed. My son Steve and I had a fantastic time fishing for sturgeon and Ryan is a great guide. He really worked his tail off finding and getting those 13 fish in the boat. Everything was first rate and I will recomend your service to all of my fishing buddies. …”

Bob & Steve Masters

“Here’s a few of the pictures we took while out fishing with you the last couple of day. We had a great time! Even though we didn’t catch the biggest fish that have ever come out of the river, they were the biggest fish we’ve ever caught. What a thrill!! Thanks for the trip; it was awesome!!!”

Ron & Sandi Appleton w/ Sturgeon.

Ron & Sandi Appleton

“A little note of thanks to STS guiding for a fantastic day of sturgeon fishing with Tom Pierce on the Fraser. We managed to land 27 sturgeon. This is the second time we’ve been out with Tom, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. We felt he worked really hard to help us enjoy our day.

We will definitely recommend you guys. enclosed are a couple pictures of the sturgeon we caught.”


Thanks From:

Andy, Brian, Frank, and Keith

“Hi Vic,

Thought I would drop you a note to say thanks for a great time fishing in BC. Sorry that I did not get to meet you. Your place at Fraserview is great. Both the guides where top notch. Going fly fishing with Mark on the Harrison was one of the best, if not the best, salmon fishing I have ever done. I hope to get a few friends together and come back up next year.”

Again thanks Chuck

“Vic and Theresa,

Thanks again for exceeding our expectations on the fishing and the accommodations. I have attached a picture of my 26lb chum and Todd’s fish. We will be back next year!”


Loren and Todd Grosskopf

“Hi Vic,

I’m just dropping a line to thank you again for the fantastic fishing trip I had with you! It was one of the best if not the best I have been on! I will be booking more in the future.”


Thanks againJohn Shadbolt


Thank you very much for the accommodations and trip on Monday/Tuesday. Please thank Theresa also – she was so nice to us!

  Thomas did a wonderful job on the river. He thought you might enjoy the attached photos.”


Hope to fish with you again…..Vince

“Hi Vic,

I had an amazing time please and now back home safely please thank all the guides especially Tom for the huge fish!! It seems to look bigger everytime I look at the photo! Please also thank your wife for making me feel so welcome!


Regards,Jeremy Norris

“We’re back home with our sore arms and bruised bellies.

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking STS Guiding Service for the many, many huge sturgeon we caught and being a part of setting two records for total numbers of sturgeon in an 8 hr day with your guide service for the year, 2004. (28 and 31 respectively).

Most importantly, Darcy (my brother), Louis (my father) and myself wanted to say Thank You to our guides Thomas Rutschmann who we had many things in common with and really enjoyed his stories, professionalism and his fellowship. Thomas…….it was excellent to share 2 days with you and look forward to more!

Also…….Thank you Vic Carrao for the day of sturgeon fishing as well, along with all the information you gave us about Sturgeon and the Fraser river. I really learnt alot while with you and your courtesy, professionalism and ability to accommodate any of our requests has been greatly appreciated.

It was a great pleasure fishing with both of you and we have made a couple new friends. You guys are second to none and know the Fraser like the back of your hands.

I highly recommend fishermen or anyone to look you guys up for a trip of a lifetime!!!! You can count on seeing us again next year and years to come! Thank you Thomas and Vic,”


Yours truly,Robert FaucherSwift Current Saskachewan

“Hey Vic,

We had a spectacular day fishing on the Harrison/Fraser with Tom Pearce yesterday. We chose a mixed salmon / sturgeon charter and had one of our best outings ever. Other boats seemed to be struggling, but we had a ton of success and all the fish we caught were very strong. Catching large, chrome, Northern Coho and fresh Chum on light tackle in slow water was a tremendous experience. After landing one wild and two hatchery cohos, plus a bunch of Chum we switched to fishing for Sturgeon. Everyone on the boat managed to land a sturgeon – the largest being a respectable 64″, My brother, Ken fought a monster (literally – much larger than 64″) for 20 minutes before losing it.”


Our guide Tom was absolutely hilarious – when we weren’t fighting fish we were laughing. (often we were laughing while catching fish…) Thanks again Tom. I’m sure we’ll be back.


RegardsRick Sodke

“Hi Vic,

I’m now back at work and hating it! Mark turned up a little earlier than I expected, so I didn’t get a chance to thank you personally for what was a fantastic trip. Thanks Vic and thanks also to Mark, Tom and Thomas. You are not only great anglers but really great guys as well. Thanks also to your wife, who made us feel so welcome. It goes without saying that I shall be recommending S.T.S. to anyone who asks…”


RegardsNick Putnam, UK

“hello.. its Naoto Aoki here. I just wanted to say that I’ve never had so much fun fishing! Thanks so much Vic and Ken! it was awesome! Ken asked me to email you guys some pics, … I’ll keep working on it! I didn’t want you to think I forgot about it though! thanks again, and we’ll be in touch shortly.



“Vic, Thanks for the great experience fishing in BC. I look forward to coming out on a couple different trips, this time just for fishing. I’m also letting Anglers West know how I feel.


Thanks again, Paul and Amy Axberg Phoenix, AZ

“Dear Vic! I would like to thank you on behalf of my students and myself for a GREAT fishing trip. Everything was just perfect! Matt proved to be a very knowledgeable and helpful guide, and a courteous and funny guy too! To say that we were impressed with him would be an understatement. All of my students and myself hooked into and either lost or landed a number of sockeyes, and we lost a couple of Chinooks. However, I managed to land an 18-pound Chinook on what literally was my last cast, past 8:00 PM!!! The funniest thing was that I had bragged that I was going to do it! LOL! We went after it with the boat and Matt netted it for me. That was really the icing on the cake!

There were five big smiles in the car on the way back to Vancouver that only plastic surgery can remove. Two of the students are leaving on Monday and boy, what a way to end their stay in our Beautiful BC.

Thanks again and I hope that I will be able to put together another group sooner rather than later.

Until then, tight lines! Milo

“Vic, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you, Thomas, Tom, Radek and Ken for doing such a great job of guiding us over the past few days. It couldn’t have been better for all of us, particularly my dad who is thrilled!

I especially want to thank you again for the framed photograph of the Chinook. That fish and the sturgeon we caught were quite a thrill for me. I don’t think that I will ever forget you dragging me across the river to catch the fish.

Thanks again Vic.

Jay Hoffman w/ STS Guide Radek and Monster Chinook

Best Regards, Jay

“Vic, Last Friday June 18th my brother and I had the pleasure of fishing with Tom for sturgeon on the Fraser. We fish in Michigan all year long and have quite a number of excellent days on the water under our belts, but Friday with Tom was the trip of all fishing trips. We caught fish in every spot he took us to. We landed 11 sturgeon, and the word we will use to describe that trip for the rest of our lives will be UNBELIEVABLE. Tom is truly a sturgeon expert, you’re lucky to have him on your team, and so am I.

Gary & STS Guide Tom w/ Sturgeon

Sincerely, Gary Carte Michigan, USA

“Vic, I wanted to thank you for the excellent fishing experience we had with you on Mother’s day.

John Stevely w/ Sturgeon

I will be making plans to return in 2005 or 2006. I think I have my wife’s family sold on the idea and perhaps some of my colleagues.

Regards, John Stevely Florida, USA

“Dear Vic, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much Anne and I enjoyed our fishing adventure with you. It was a most memorable day to say the least. The scenery was breath-taking. I was truly expecting a lot from this adventure, and it exceeded even my imagination. You were an extremely knowledgeable and gracious host. You made both Anne and myself feel comfortable from the first moment that we met you. You were patient with our skills and most importantly you taught us new techniques and you put us on fish! I never would have dreamt how different casting a sink-tip line would be. It really beat me up that day, and my shoulder was sore the next day on the plane. But the traditional way that we fished was awesome. No other technique would have produced strikes that ferocious.

Fly caught Bull Trout

That was definitely pristine country around the Pitt Lake area. Anne especially enjoyed seeing the bald eagle and the seal. This trip was definitely a great way to end our vacation in British Columbia. This was the first time we ever hired a guide for fishing. And as a compliment to you, all future guided trips will be measured by the high standard that you set.

River View

Again, thank you for making this trip a memory that will be with us forever. Here are some pics from the trip. Hope that you enjoy them. Hope to fish with you again in the near future!”

Todd Luckasevic & Anne Crilley

“Vic, Congratulations, STS made the news in Thunder Bay! Check out the link to the outdoors section of our local newspaper below.


It was front and center of the outdoors section on Saturday March 7th. There was a nice picture of a 4 footer with Bernie and his wife.”

The Bennett’s

“Hello Vic, As you probably know by now we had a great trip and an even better time with Tom – great guy and guide. Probably the Ohio fishing luck was the real reason – ha, ha. My business associate Ed (with Tom and his biggest fish ever) really enjoyed it also.

Hope to do it next year again.”


Bruce w/ a Mighty White Sturgeon

“I would just like to thank you Vic for the great day your guiding service provided. My wife booked me an 8 hr trip for my birthday. We went out with your guide Ken on Oct 25 2003. We fished for sturgeon and I could not believe the sure strength these fish have. Ken was a first class guide and person who made our day unbelievable. I don’t know if it is always like this but we caught and released 23 Sturgeon! Since this outing with the knowledge I picked up from Ken I have purchased the appropriate gear and gone out to try this great fishery on my own. My first time out I caught and released two Sturgeon 1 was 4 feet the other was 5 feet. If the wind was not so bad my success would have been better. Thanks for the experience of a lifetime. I plan on booking an outing in the spring to target the Chinook.”

Chris Hoskins

“Hi Vic, Once again, you supplied us with a great fishing trip. The fact that the river was too swollen from the storms to fish for salmon was a bummer at first, but the sturgeon fishing more than made up for it. It was fun to see at least one seven footer per boat and everybody had a chance to catch multiple fish. You and your guides did an excellent job and everyone is excited about returning for more fishing.

Thanks again.”

Mike Johnson Johnson Lumber CA USA

“Vic, This was the best fishing trip that I have taken. I appreciate how you run your operation. You guys worked hard to make our stay the best. Thanks for the casting tips that you gave me.

I really enjoyed working with Jordy (sp?). He is a real asset to your business. He is always upbeat and goes the extra mile to make the customer have a great time. In addition, he and I are the Pitt River Lodge Pool Champs for the week.

Thanks again.”

John Boaz (Big John)

“Dear Vic, Just to thankyou for putting together such a great trip for us. The fish abundance on the Harrison River & the challenge of the Pitt was the perfect combination for our group, and the guides and transport arrangements throughout were excellent.

Please pass on our thanks to Fred, Betty,and Chelsea at Harrison Mills, and to Dan & Lee at the Pitt River Lodge.

The accommodation (& entertainment) at both lodges were more than we expected, and the food at the PRL was truely outstanding. You run a very good operation, and the group were well pleased we chose STS. I am sure you will see some or all of us again in the seasons to come.

Very best regards.”

John Harrison

“Dear Vic, Just a note to say thanks for the great fishing trip you put together for us. The accommodations were wonderful and you and your guide staff were great. You have a great group of guides and we really enjoyed them all. Looking forward to the possibility of a return visit sometime in the future.”

Charles Gibson

“Vic, I wanted to express to you our complete satisfaction on our second fishing trip with you. My two sons and I caught more pink salmon than we ever imagined. In addition, the sturgeon fishing was nothing short of amazing — 9 fish in less than 5 hours! (and huge fish besides) You certainly provided us an fishing experience that we may never replicate and way over exceeded our expectations!

If you want to use us as a reference, please feel free to do you. WE WILL BE BACK!”

Sincerely, Loren Grosskopf Todd Grosskopf Tom Grosskopf 20 Spoon Club Cody, Wyo 82414

“Vic, Just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic trip Tues. and Wed. with the “Chum Chaser.” We even caught a few Chum. Been talking with a few of my friends and we will be booking trips in the future. Thanks for making our trip a major success.”

John Batezel

“Vic, Thanks for putting up with a novice fisherman like myself and supplying an awesome day of fishing. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the pink salmon were plenty. It was incredible to see the abundance of fish in the river and great to have hooked a few myself. Your knowledge, ability, and personality made the day both educational and fun. You even supplied lunch! I wish you all the best in your endeavors and will definitely pass your name on to family, friends, and business associates. Thanks for a memorable day of fishing!”

Jon Freeman Controller Magnum Trailer & Equipment Inc.

“Hello Vic, I would like to thank you and Tom for your services on the 18th & 19th of August. Doug Ringham with Finning has made a very good choice in your guide services. I very much enjoyed the fishing and was very pleased with the Salmon we caught. I was most impressed with the fight put up by the “Chinook” that I caught. I have never had any other fish put up a fight like that (any size).”

Dean Selland Finning Canada

Dean Selland w/ 32# Chinook

“Hi Vic, On behalf of Richard, Larry and myself, again many thanks for the great experience we had both Friday and today. Larry, the “Birthday Boy” was delighted to get his dream fish…and what can I say…….I will continue to dream about “the one that got away!”.

To sum up our trip; “Mission Accomplished”.

Brian L.J. Mylleville, Ph.D., P.Eng. Managing Associate & Geotechnical Engineer

“Hey Vic, Russ, Chris & Garth here, we just wanted to send a big thank you for what is the “best Days” fishing we have ever had. We wanted to let you know that our guide “Tom” was excellent and he definitely made our day the best it could have possibly been. Please pass along our thanks and hopefully he appreciated the tip we gave him. I have attached some pictures of yesterdays trip, and hopefully we can make your web site with the big one we landed. Thanks again Vic…..we had a great day…and as always the service you provide is top notch. Looking forward to seeing you all in the fall, and we’ll check your web to see if we made it with our picture.


Russ Winstanley

 Garth, Chris & Russ w/ a Beauty Sturgeon

“Vic/Tom, Thanks for the great fishing last weekend. I couldn’t have picked anything better to do while in BC. You will be recommended to anyone that I talk to. Tom was a great guide. Fun to fish with and hard working. Hope you guys have a great Xmas.

Thanks again!”

Jeremy N Dohm Sr. Technical Sales Representative Eka Chemicals Inc. an Akzo Nobel Company

“Thanks for the great fishing adventure, the first fish 6.5 feet was quite a kick in the pants and really got us jump started on a fun day. The great knowledge base and very professional gear, boat and manner made for a quality outing that won’t soon be forgot. I’ll keep in mind that a corporate outing might be a lot of fun.

Please keep me updated on what’s going on. Thanks again,”

Tom Allen c/o Blackburn Office Equipment 203 W. Chestnut Ave Bellingham, WA 98225

“… I remember on the very first morning of my trip looking round and saying to Eric “You do appreciate what you’ve got here don’t you ?” to which came the reply “Oh yes, every single day !”. If the future of fishing in B.C. is in the hands of those guys and their boss Vic then I can see nothing but good coming from it and the fishing is in safe hands.

In case you’re wondering if I’m going back for another week next year, I’m afraid the answer’s no…..I’m going for 2 weeks….maybe even 2 and a half !!. When you’ve listened to the tales of sturgeon landed and lost by these guys you realise what the attraction of this type of fishing is…..you just never know how big the next one’s going to be !! …”

Article on Angling UK See the rest of the Article

“Hi Bro-Vic, Thanks for showing Zachary such a wonderful time last Sunday. He was so amazed at the awsome size of the sturgeon you managed to …….beach. WOW!!!! I couldn’t believe the pics. Zachary has been trying all week to relay the massive size of this dinosaur to his envious friends and especially his Grandfather who lives in Prince George. It is so great to see him fired up about this fish and the day. So nice to see his face beaming with happiness!!! Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the sport with this younger group………and this is your job…….to be on the river every day…………boy did I ever screw up in the career choices……..ecotourism that’s where it’s at!!! Later.”

Rhoda Email November 7, 2002

“My two brother’s and myself, recently went on a flyfishing guided trip up the Harrison for chum salmon. What a trip! We had a blast. Jordy did a great job guiding us even though he was chomping at the bit to get in the sturgeon tournament. Just wanted to thank STS and Jordy for helping our trip to be great fun.”

Carl Camping Email October 23, 2002

“A HUGE THANK YOU to Eric, Chris and yourself for making the past week one of the most enjoyable of my life !!….I’ll see you all again next year!!”

Ross Nursey Surrey, UK Email October 2002

“Hello Vic, I must compliment you and your staff for putting together one of the best fishing adventures my company has ever experienced. You should be getting a couple more calls from people I’ve given your name. The Spring (King) that my son Carl caught was delicious but his landing that fish will be with him throughout his lifetime.”

Curt Stetter President Kinetic Control Corporation d/b/a ParkPro Phoenix, Arizona

“Hi Vic, We had a great time with your guides on the Harrison. Both were very helpful, friendly, well experienced, and knowledgeable. I was very impressed. Thanks to you also for your prompt and informative emails prior to our trip. We plan to come back again.”

Rodney Cheal Email – October 16, 2002

“Hi Vic, just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much everyone enjoyed the “Experience of a Lifetime”… It truly was!!! The whole gang couldn’t have asked for a better time, Tom and yourself put together two absolutely fantastic days of Sturgeon fishing. As well everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meals and facility at the Harrison Mills Country House, Fred and Betty were also great hosts, thanks again from:

Bert Groenen, George Stegerman, Mark Heidt, Randy Daigle, Laurier Pelletier, Kelly Bihun, Leroy Gunderson, and Randy McDonald”

Randy McDonald Technical Training Instructor First Truck & Trailer Centre Edmonton Inc. Email – September 16, 2002

“The fellas on the Sturgeon trip yesterday wish to convey a big ‘thank you’ to our guide for a very delightful day. We took a few pictures and when we have them developed, we’ll send you a copy. Our guide had requested a copy of the ‘big one’.”

Jim Sydor Email – September 4, 2002


This was my first guided fishing trip and I wanted to let you know that it was worth every penny! Erik was very professional and a super guy to fish with. Every effort was made for our convenience and enjoyment and although we never landed a fish, we hooked several and enjoyed the battle. Sturgeon fishing is awesome. We were able to get the leaping sturgeon (two of them) on video tape and it will be replayed over and over. Although we’re 3,000 miles away, we’re already looking forward to the opportunity to come back in a couple of years. Feel free to use us as a reference and we’ll be sure to pass the word about our wonderful experience with STS.

Thanks again for a great trip.

(P.S. Tell Erik that next time we’ll leave the bad luck at home!)”

Paul Schwingle Email – September 1, 2002


Jim of Edinburgh w/ a nice Salmon

Having got back to Edinburgh I thought I’d drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed my time in Harrison. Please pass on my thanks to him for making the trip one I’ll always remember.

I’ve attached some photographs and only wish I had a picture of the cut throat we caught. I had as much of a thrill catching the trout as the salmon.”

Jim Email – August 25, 2002

“My party had a fabulous time with your guide. We will do it next year, but a little earlier than the 10th of Aug. maybe the first weekend, OK? It was enjoyable, Your guys are great guide, knows the river and put us into fish and easy limits.”

Hugh Smith Email – August 20, 2002

“We really enjoyed our fishing experience with you guys. You and Eric were both great to be with. It was like you were our long time fishing buddies as soon as we met you. In addition we had the bonus of catching some great fish. We will be contacting you again as well as some other guys from Morgan who I have recommended your guide service to.”

CarDell Mortensen Morgan, Utah, USA August 15, 2002

“Hi Vic,

I want to tell you again how much we enjoyed our time with you and how much we appreciated your hard work to find fish even when it’s not the right season. I particularly enjoyed seeing Barbara catch the steelhead and the big sturgeon. You were a great guide and we enjoyed your company as much as the fishing. We also enjoyed the time at our bed and breakfast and the time with Betty and Fred.

As we said when we left, we’ll be coming back to fish with your again but at a time when the salmon and steelhead are in full run so we can experience the action you told us so much about. It will probably be 2003 before we get there as we have a daughters wedding this fall. We’ll contact you early to make sure we get some good dates. Best regards,”

John Queirolo Connecticut, US Email – May 7, 2002

“Hi Vic,

I took your float fishing for steelhead course back in January and I just thought I would let you know that I caught my first two (2) winter run steelhead on the Vedder last Saturday (March 16). The first was a wild buck about 8 pounds, caught on a small pink worm down at the railway bridge in the lower river. Immediately after I caught mine another guy moved in where I was fishing and pulled out a 8 pound hatchery doe. My buddy and I moved up to the upper river (Allison) for the afternoon because I had heard good things. He went up stream and I went downstream. I crossed a side channel and found a really fast flowing chute with water about 2-3 feet deep (lots of whitewater). I dropped my line in about 5 feet from shore and the next thing I knew I was chasing a steelhead down through the rapids. I landed a 12 pound wild doe in the slow water at the base of the chute. She hit on a single jensen egg with a small piece of bright pink wool (bubblegum).

Anyways I just wanted to share my success with you. I would have been on cloud nine had I just caught the first one by the train bridge. However, catching the second one on the same day was truly incredible and had I not taken your course I don’t believe I would have caught it because without that knowledge I never would have thought to put my line in where I did. I still can’t believe that such a large fish could have been holding in such a small spot. It was sitting behind a small boulder in the trough that was formed by the water flowing over the rock. It was truly an amazing experience. I think the most fun I had was having to jump over boulders and logs to get downstream so I could tail it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Vic.”

Jonathan McNair Mar. 18, 2002

“Vic, What can I say? That was an awesome day of fishing and like I told you I can hardly move today I am so sore. Chris is laughing at me the old man… But I would do it again in a heart beat. Chris can not stop talking about it and I will get the pics scanned in and send you the good ones. WE will absolutely be back this summer. Thanks a million and we will see you this summer but for almost sure October 1st. You guys are so close it makes no sense not to come up and fish.”

John & Chris Everett Washington Feb. 18, 2002

“Hi Vic, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much Zach and I enjoyed our time fishing with you and your team. This was an experience of a lifetime for Zach and a wonderful way for me to spend time with my son.” Thanks again

Peter Clapperton Texas Jan. 21, 2002

“Hello Vic, Thanks for one of the most exciting days fishing ever! My wife especially enjoyed it (she is still complaining about her sore arm). We will forward copies of pictures once developed. Our best wishes to you and your family.” Regards

John Askin Nov. 16, 2001

“Vic, Eric was the perfect guide for a party like us. I can’t thank you both enough – according to Mark it was “his best birthday present ever”. Chris enjoyed it more than Marlin fishing, Kyle was sore for two days and I slept for about 16 hours solid when we got home.” Thanks again

Dani Astles Environmental Technician Rempel Bros. Concrete & Steelhead Aggregates

“Hi Vic, Wanted to drop a line to let you know how much I enjoyed the trip there a few weeks ago. I was with the group of 8 that caught all the fish, we maxed out everyday. Probably will never match that week, but god, what fun. We will be back, maybe not as large a group. If you think of it, I would still like a cap (Salmon).” Thanks again

Mike Ingram

“Hi Vic, First of all, thanks for putting together a fantastic trip for the Boy Scouts. After we left I think the kids began to realize what a special trip it was. Everybody wanted to go fishing Saturday instead of attending the air show in Abbotsford! I’ve fished with guides in Alaska, Oregon, N. Carolina, Florida, Mexico and more. You and the people you put together were first class. Good guys, helpful, knowledgeable, good gear.” Thanks again

Karl Malo

“Dear Vic, Please accept our deepest thanks to you for the best fishing trip we have ever had. Reality far surpassed our expectations. The thoughtful presentation of the photos has meant so much to us, especially upon arrival home. Ivan is bursting with pride, hardly containing himself from rushing over to his best friend’s house to tell about the picture and our adventures. My wife and daughter are fascinated by the mighty sturgeon. I know you can’t control the river or the weather, but I truly believe that if there’s anyone on earth who can control the fish, you might be the one. I’ll do everything possible on my end to help your business grow. I’ll spread the word to all my fishing friends about STS Guiding. And it seems that you are only “around the corner” from Southern California. Yours

Rick and Ivan California

“First of all – thank you for making our fishing trip a success – we will always remember this trip. It was just great and we loved every second of it. Thank’s for the pictures you’ve sent.

Henrik Brandt Denmark

“Vic – thanks for the great experience sturgeon fishing last week. I had no real idea that the sturgeon was such an awesome creature to catch (the poor man’s marlin). I returned with only one regret – that I hadn’t stayed for a day’s salmon fishing! Many thanks to Eric – I’ve never seen any guide who so much enjoyed a client catching fish. He was a real professional. In spite of a problem back, I had a great time, and I really hope to return. Thanks to you both.

Sherman Weaver

“Many, many thanks for taking my family and I out on such short notice. I now have a pretty good idea of just how busy you are and I really appreciate you taking the time to guide us up the Fraser to the hallowed grounds of “that awesome fishing spot!” Scott, Loran, and my mom (Nancy) all thought that was the most beautiful place they have ever seen (fishing in the shadows of Mt. Cheam) and the good times they had will never be forgotten! Oh yeah, the fishing was ‘most awesome’ too! Thanks Again.”


“Hi Vic, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Steelhead Seminar. I admire your patience, your excellent people skills and your superb knowledge on all aspects of the fishing industry. It’s really enjoyable to watch a pro work at what they do best. My four times out (since the seminar) have yet to produce a steelhead. My confidence is high, my lines are always tight and my turn will come. I look forward to seeing you on the river again.” Thanks Again.”

Don Clarke Class of Jan 99

“Vic, Wish I was fishing up in your Country!! Nice to hear you’re well and the fishing’s been good. I will get in touch for a trip as soon as possible!! Thanks for the great fishing last season and wish you and your family the best.”

Joey Camera Modesto Roofing California, US

“Erik and Vic, I would like to thank you both for the great adventure we had on Saturday. Erik is a great guide, and he taught us a lot of technique. We also covered a lot of water. It will take me a couple of years to explore all the great spots we fished. I will definitely use STS again.” Regards,

D. (Jim) Papadoulis, P. Eng. Electrical Engineer

“Great new web! Vic, I have a friend who along with his father may want to make the trip up there to do some fishing with you. The kid saw the pictures and of course got the bug to do some fishing. I will try to keep you up to date on when they think they might want to go. I did receive the pictures you sent and I wanted to thank you for sending them along. And again from all of us thanks for the great time and I along with Joel would like sometime to do this again. Maybe try some Trout fishing next time.”

Donn Terrill Phoenix

“Hi Vic, how are you? How is the fishing? This postcard is from Frank. I was fishing with Todd & Donna from Edmonton. I got the “Big Fish”. Just saying hi from Aussieland, I will be fishing down here. Thank You for the good time.”

Frank Australia

“Vic, we had a great time, thank you very much. We will cherish this trip for the rest of our lives.”

Eddy & Jamie Ouimet Kelowna, BC

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