Guided Fishing on Local Rivers

Fraser River:

The Fraser River starts at the base of the Rocky Mountains near Alberta, the river cuts its way through 970 miles of British Columbia’s most rugged country ending up in the city of Vancouver. The Fraser River is one of the largest salmon-bearing rivers in the world with an average of 10 to 30 million salmon returning each year. The Fraser is also home to one of the largest freshwater game fish on earth, the White Sturgeon. Sturgeon can grow to lengths of over 15 feet and weigh as much as 1800 lbs. You can find out more about Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser or Fraser River Salmon fishing by clicking on the links provided.


Harrison River:

The Harrison River is one of the more scenic rivers in the Fraser Valley. Although this river is not long, it does offer some great fishing for all 5 species of salmon in late summer and fall, Steelhead and Cutthroat in spring and Sturgeon in the Fall. This river offers amazing opportunities not only for fishing but also jet boat tours and Kayak Tours. The confluence of the Harrison where it meets the Fraser is only a few miles up river from Chilliwack so many of our guides will fish this area for both salmon and sturgeon. For more information on jet boat tours or kayak tours, please visit


Chehalis River:

The Chehalis River is approx 15 miles long, 12 miles of this river is pristine canyon wilderness with white water rapids and hundreds of waterfalls. This river has good runs of Steelhead, Coho, Chum, Chinook and a small run of summer run Steelhead. Because of the rugged canyon most of the angling is done in the lower section of the river. Crowding is a problem on this river as hundreds of angler squeeze together in hopes of that big salmon. Although we don’t really do much guiding on this river, we do target fish that are migrating to the Chehalis through the Harrison River.


Vedder River:

The Vedder River is one of the largest tributaries to the Fraser. It is approximately 35 miles long with good shore access throughout the entire length. This river has large runs of steelhead in the winter and spring, large runs of salmon in late summer and fall. This River gets a bit crowded during peak Steelhead and Salmon season but if you know the river you can easily find a quiet place to catch some fish. We do offer some walk and wade trips but this river has easy access and can be easily fished without a guide.


Stave River:

The lower Stave River offer some good salmon angling opportunities in the fall and trout opportunities in the spring. This river gets large runs of Chum salmon as well as good numbers of Coho salmon. Stave Lake and Upper Stave River both offer good angling in the spring for Cutthroat Trout and Dolly Varden Char. In late Fall we fish this river for Chum and Coho and Sturgeon at the confluence of the Fraser.


Lillooet River:

This river offers a unique opportunity for those looking for adventure. Getting there is half the fun, we either run jet boats across Harrison Lake then jet boat up this narrow shallow river or we fly you in via Helicopter. The Lillooet offers good angling for Cutthroat trout and Dolly Varden Char in the spring and fall with some opportunities for salmon in the fall.


Upper Pitt River:

Upper Pitt River is located at the North end of Pitt Lake, the largest tidal lake in North America. Fresh runs of salmon ride the tides up the Fraser River, crossing Pitt Lake so quickly that they often have sea lice still on them. Fresh running sockeye, coho and chinook salmon are usually chrome bright. The resident trout are all wild stock – and incredibly beautiful. Good populations of resident trout and sea-run Char are in the river year round. Approximately 40 miles of river awaits you. Because it is boat and air access only, there are no crowds. Surrounded by the rugged Coast Range, it is easy to think you are in a wilderness area in northern British Columbia, or Alaska. We offer year round fishing on Pit River for trout and seasonal fishing for salmon.