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How To Fish Leech Patterns by Greg Leche

How often have you gone up to your favorite lake anticipating great fishing and when you get there it’s raining and windy. It’s completely miserable. Or gone up to a lake during the heat of summer and the fish are deep and not biting at all. It happens to all of us. When the weather is unsettled there are usually very few insects hatching. So what do you use? Go with big leech patterns. Leech’s tend to work when all else fails. Leech’s tied with marabou or rabbit fur have a movement on them that fish can’t resist. Popular patterns are the Wooly Bugger, Bead Head Leech, Marabou Leech, Bunny Leech and my favorite is a small maroon coloured Mohair Leech. Leech’s are best fished on sinking lines near the bottom but can also be fished with a floating line and a weighted fly.

This floating line technique is popular during the summer when fishing at night. At night the water temperature cools down just enough for trout to feel safe to come up on the shoals of a lake. A slow hand twist retrieve with a few quick strips will often result in violent strikes. Be careful when casting in the dark. Simply trolling a leech will catch a lot of fish also. Popular colours of leech patterns are black, olive, maroon and brown. So when the fishing is slow and you think you have tried everything, put on a leech. They are a great equalizer.