Tackle Tales

ANDE – Monofilament

Fishing line is one item we guides really go through, last season we purchased over 10,000 yards of various lb test Monofilament and Dacron lines. This season was the first time we tried ANDE monofilament.

ANDE monofilament comes in 2 series, Premium and Tournament. For this field test we purchased Premium ANDE only.

Premium Monofilament comes in a variety of colors: Clear, Pink, Gunmetal, Dark Green, Hi Vis Envy Green, Back Country and State Blue.
Pound Test ranges from 2 – 400

We purchased ANDE Premium Monofilament in Dark Green in pound test ranging from 8 to 80 and ANDE Clear in 20 lb test.

  • 8, 10 & 12 lb test was used as leader material for salmon
    – excellent line, no premature breakage
  • 15 & 20 lb test was used for mainline on levelwind reels
    – no stretching or line memory problems
  • 50 lb test was used for leader material for Bar Fishing Chinook to 40 lbs
    – no premature fraying, landed many big fish
  • 80 lb test was used for mainline on larger Penn reels
    – lasts long for mono, no premature breakage or fraying, landed many fish over 200 lbs.

We have been fishing with Maxima and Berkley monofilament for over 20 years, this was our first experience using ANDE monofilament. I was very impressed with the ANDE line, to be honest I didn�t notice much difference between Maxima and ANDE. There was very little coiling or memory problems and the line withstood the rigors of everyday usage. We landed many big sturgeon and salmon during the 2001 season with ANDE Line.

ANDE line packages and markets their lines a bit different than their competitors. Instead of selling ANDE line by the YD they sell the line by the LB. This is where the savings for the consumers comes in. You can purchase ANDE PREMIUM MONOFILAMENT in 1/8 lb to 9 lb spools. We Purchased � lb , � lb and 1 lb spools in all sizes mentioned above, even though we purchase most of our lines in bulk we still saved money purchasing ANDE by the LB at regular retail prices.