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ABU GARCIA – Ambassadeur 5600 AB (Anti-Backlash System)

We finally have a true no backlash reel, ambassadeur’s new 5600 AB and 6600 AB are truly anti-backlash. These reels are equipped with a brake bar above the thumb bar, the line is threaded thru the brake bar then thru the traditional line mechanism. Once you’ve casted the line, the brake bar will activate as soon as any slack line is felt, preventing backlash. The 5600 AB and the 6600 AB are also available in left-hand retrieve. Model 5601AB (left-hand) is available now and the 6601AB will be available in your local tackle store in September, just in time for the fall Coho and Chinook fisheries.

For those of you familiar with ambassedeur reels the 5600 AB is the same size as ambassedeurs 5600 C3 and the 6600AB has the same line capacity as the 6500 C3.

There are several advantages other then the anti-backlash features that are worth mentioning. You can use these reels as spinning reels and casting reels. Your probably wondering what’s the difference between these two uses. A spinning reel is primarily used for cast and retrieve method, hard overhead casts are the norm. Most levelwind reels will backlash when the hard overhead casts are made. The AB series will act the same as a spinning reel and stop the line as soon as the weight hits the water. If your preference is float fishing, you can cast with the anti-backlash system turned on then just turn it off when your ready to free spool. You can also bypass the Anti- backlash system altogether and just use it the same as a 5600 or 6500 C3.

Now you don’t have to worry when your rookie friend or little brother or sister try’s to cast your rod, just turn on the AB system and no more backlashes.