The small town of Mission has played many important roles in the development and growth of SW British Columbia. Established in 1861, Mission has many faces, attractions and events that play an important role in local culture. Still today, much is the same as it was 143 years ago. The native people rely heavily on the large salmon runs that migrate up the Fraser River each year. Lumber mills are hard at work producing products for market, the railway is busier than ever transporting goods from East to West. Mission is one of the few places left in the Fraser Valley that offers the small town atmosphere, history and events that brought thousands of explorers and settlers to British Columbia.

Mission is located approximately 60 river miles east of Vancouver, it takes approximately 1 hour by car. A population of 32,000 residents is spread over 98 square miles of rich farmland, rolling hills and majestic mountains with incredible views, all located along the north shores of the Mighty Fraser River. Forest and wood-related industries dominate the manufacturing sector, with an emphasis on cedar shake and shingle mills. There are about 96 commercial and hobby farms in the area. Dairying is the chief agricultural enterprise; other income sources include poultry, hogs, beef, and vegetables. Mission has been recognized as Sturgeon Capital of British Columbia. Mission is also famous for other events such as the Strawberry Festival, Soap Box Derby, Christmas Candlelight parade, Xa:ytem Native Indian Pow Pow, Mission Raceway, Mission Music Folk Festival, and many other events.

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