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Fraser Canyon Sturgeon

Fraser Canyon- Hope to Hells Gate

STS Guiding:Fraser River Sturgeon - The Fraser Canyon offers some great scenery and spectacular fishing

The Fraser Canyon offers some great scenery and spectacular fishing

The Fraser Canyon offers the anglers an opportunity to fish a unique area that presents its own set of challenges. Instead of using that standard line weight of 150lb test we up the line strength to 200 to 250 and tighten down the drags. These canyon fish are quite a bit stronger than lower river fish and current is much faster. Although several other guides offer canyon trips, they are quite different than ours.

STS Guiding:Fraser River Sturgeon - This canyon fish measured just under 9ft and put up an incredible battle

This canyon fish measured just under 9ft and put up an incredible battle

On all guided trips to the Fraser Canyon we offer guests an opportunity to visit an area seldom seen by another angler. 30 miles of narrow canyons, big whitewater, swirling back eddies and monster sturgeon await those who venture into this region. Vic Carrao owner of STS Guiding Service spends most of his time fishing this stretch of the Fraser Canyon. Vic's passion for challenging whitewater, river navigation and big trophy sturgeon is quite apparent once you spend a few minutes in his boat.

STS Guiding:Fraser River Sturgeon - WOW, look at the girth on this beautiful canyon fish

WOW, look at the girth on this beautiful canyon fish

If you have ever caught a sturgeon in the lower/middle Fraser you will notice quite a difference between this above pic and other pictures on our website. Canyon Sturgeon are slightly different with long pointy noses and very large girths. These fish are built for swimming in big powerful water and are much stronger than most sturgeon found on the Fraser River. If you are looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy some of British Columbia's most spectacular scenery, this canyon trip is a must.

STS Guiding:Fraser Canyon - Cast and Blast, how much batter can it be?


STS Guiding:Fraser River Sturgeon - Barbeques and Fish On, how much batter can it be?

Cast and Blast, Barbeques and Fish On, how much better can it be?

The Fraser Canyon offers a unique fishing opportunity that few anglers get to experience. Only the most experienced of anglers and Jet Boat pilots venture into the canyons of the Fraser River. We offer daily trips departing from Hope, British Columbia. Hope is located at the entrance to the Fraser Canyon, approximately 90 minutes from Vancouver. STS is the provides a Canyon Wilderness experience unlike any other, please e-mail us for more details.

Your trip to the Fraser Canyon includes:

Cost - $275 p/p based on 6 or more anglers

(ask us about rates for smaller groups)

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