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Salmon fishing in Vancouver is a 365 day a year fishery offering good to excellent salmon fishing opportunities for the novice to expert anger. We offer both saltwater and freshwater salmon fishing in Vancouver and Fraser Valley. Our saltwater fishing is based out of the Delta Airport Hotel & Northern Vancouver Island, our freshwater fishing is based out of Mission, Chilliwack and Harrison Hot Springs. For detailed information on our saltwater fishing charters please visit

STS Guiding: Idaho Boys 15 year anniversary fishing with STS, this was the best trip yet.

Idaho Boys 15 year anniversary fishing with STS, this was the best trip yet

River fishing for salmon is just 50 miles east of Vancouver, we fish for all 5 species of Pacific Salmon on 7 of the most productive rivers in the Province. The Fraser River and its tributaries offer some of the best fishing British Columbia has to offer. Millions of Salmon begin their annual migration in early May and continue through until late November. The best river salmon fishing occurs between August and November and is subject to annual run size for each species.

Once the salmon begin to enter the river we fish for all species using many methods. We often fish for 2 or more species of salmon in one day, in mid to late October it is common to fish for and catch all 5 species of salmon. We fish for salmon using many methods, each member our team of professional guides has expertise in fishing the area with one or more methods. If your preferred method is Fly-fishing, we just happen to have 2 of the best fly fishing guides in the entire region. If you prefer to cast spinners and spoons, plunk for Kings or back troll plugs we have the expert guide for you.

STS Guiding: Fishing the mouth of the Fraser in August can offer some spectacular fishing.

Fishing the mouth of the Fraser in August can offer some spectacular fishing.

Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon fishing in British Columbia is second to none. Chinook salmon are the largest of the salmon family, they can reach into the 50lb plus range. We fish two distinctive runs of Chinook salmon in British Columbia, the spring run June - Aug., and the fall run Sept - Nov. Fishing for the spring run of Chinook Salmon in British Columbia takes place mostly on the Fraser River. Bar fishing or plunking from the boat is the most popular method. We also troll bait and spoons in their Saltwater near Vancouver, please see our Saltwater Accommodations for Vancouver & Vancouver Island Salmon fishing.

STS Guiding: STS Guides Vic Carrao and Thomas Rutschann doing what they love, slaying fish.

STS Guides Vic Carrao and Thomas Rutschann doing what they love, slaying fish.

The Vedder and Chehalis River also have a spring run of Chinook, the returns are not as large as the Fraser but the fishing is still very good. The late run of Chinook salmon in the valley is one of the largest returns of Chinook salmon. The Fraser and all of its tributaries have good returns each year. These fishes average size is larger than the spring run and can be caught using many methods. Float fishing, fly fishing, casting spinners and bar fishing or plunking are the methods most often used. It's not uncommon to hook 10 or more fish over 20lbs in a day of fishing. Hooking these fish is not difficult, landing them is another thing. These fish are very powerful and often break the line or spool the reel of the angler.

Chum Salmon

This fishery has become very popular with fly fishers from around the world, average size of Chum are 12 to 20 lbs with good numbers of fish over 20 lbs reaching as large as 30lbs. The best time to fish for Chum is between Oct 1st - November 21st , you can expect to catch between 5 and 20 fish per day per angler plus a few Coho and possibly Chinook Salmon. This fishery is suitable for the novice fly-fisher to the expert spey fisher. We can supply you will all rods, reels, waders and flys so all you need to bring is your enthusiasm.

STS Guiding:Coho Salmon Fishing 434_112612


Jig & float fishing for Chum is also very popular with local anglers. This method of angling is exciting as it gets. Great for the Novice to expert angler who is looking for action. We often hook 15 to 20 fish per angler and can fish on shore or out of our jet boats. This fishery is great for large, small or corporate groups.

Coho Salmon

Coho salmon are fished on all of our river systems in the Fraser Valley. Starting in early Sept we fish on the Fraser River and continuing through to Nov in the tributaries. Coho salmon average size varies from river to river, 6-10 LB is an overall average. We fish many methods for Coho salmon in British Columbia, flyfishing, spinfishing, floatfishing and bar/plunking. Each river system has it's own unique characteristics, some river systems fish better with one method.

STS Guiding: 2013 was an incredible year for Coho on the Fraser and our Saltwater Fishing Adventures.

2013 was an incredible year for Coho on the Fraser and our Saltwater Fishing Adventures.

Each river system has its own distinct time when fishing is at its best, this gives us the flexibility to move around and fish which ever river has the best fishing. Flexibility and knowledge of the local rivers systems is the key to our success. October is one of the best months to fish for Coho in the Fraser Valley, by the first week in October most of the rivers in the area have good numbers of Coho. The Coho fishing is not only a big attractor to our area but also the world class Chum Salmon fishing. In October we fish for several species of salmon, Coho, Chum and Chinook. Combine the 3 species of salmon and add a day of sturgeon fishing and you now have a fishing experience that you'll never forget.

Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon on average are the smallest species of the salmon family. Don't let their average size of 3 - 5 lbs fool you because their ability to shake, rattle and roll off the hook is quite amazing. Although Pink Salmon are famous for their ability to spit the hook, their sheer numbers and willing to bite far out weigh their quick release tactics. As quick as they spit the hook, another fish grabs on. This past year we managed to hook 4 fish on 1 cast, finally the 4th fish was landed.

STS Guiding:Fraser River Pink Salmon


Pink Salmon start their migration in mid August and continue through to the end of September. Pink Salmon are one of the more easily caught species of salmon for two reasons. First there sheer numbers, between 5 and 20 million Pink Salmon return each year and second , they are very aggressive towards predators such as lures and fly's and spinners. The timing of the Pink Salmon's migration coincides with the annual migration of the Sockeye Salmon which can reach as high as 30 million fish. So add the two species together and you can easily attain 100 fish days per boat, a fishing experience that would last a lifetime.

August is one of the more popular months for anglers of all types including families. When there is plenty of fish and the weather is great, anglers are out in the thousands. Chinook Salmon are also abundant during August so if the sockeye numbers are low, we can always switch to Chinook fishing. There are many summer activities for visitors to enjoy. Popular activities range from hiking, biking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, swimming at Harrison Lake or just laying around the lodge. This fishery is suitable for all ages and abilities and makes for great company derbies or corporate retreats.

Why Choose STS for your next fishing trip?

Our commitment to you.

We offer fully inclusive packages with a variety of accommodations including beach side resort at Harrison Hot Springs, cabins on Harrison lake and our exclusive fishing lodge at Harrison Mills. We can arrange large corporate outing or company fishing derbies for groups as large as 50 persons.

We also offer ½ and full day trips and multi day packages for all 5 species of Pacific Salmon on the Fraser River, Harrison River, Vedder River, Chehalis River and tributaries. We provide all fishing tackle, rods, reels, waders, rain pants, fully insured, covered and heated Jet Boats.

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