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Ross Special

Hook: 10-6 Nymph
Thread: 6/0 Black
Tail: Speckled Pheasant tail fibers
Body: Orange Seal fur
Shellback: Brown scud back
Rib: Medium copper wire
Wingcase: Speckled pheasant
Hackle: Dark brown saddle

Tying Instructions:

  • Tie in a few speckled pheasant fibers at bend of hook for tail and trim butts.
  • Tie in copper wire and scud back.
  • Spin seal fur on to thread and wrap forward 3/4 the way up the hook shank.
  • Pull scud back over seal body. Secure with thread and trim.
  • Wrap copper wire 4-6 times around the body. Secure with thread and trim.
  • Tie in speckled pheasant out over body for wingcase.
  • Spin more seal on to thread and wrap forward to just before eye of hook. Make thorax slightly larger than body.
  • Tie in 1 dark brown saddle hackle and make 4 or 5 wraps at eye of hook. Stroke saddle fibers back as you wrap. Secure and trim.
  • Pull pheasant forward over thorax and hackle. Secure at eye of hook and trim.
  • Whip finish and head cement.

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